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Is Asynchronous Communication The Future Of Work? The Power Of A

Is Asynchronous Communication The Future Of Work? The Power Of A

If you gave people a magic wand and asked them what they would change in their daily work routines, many would answer: "I want to escape from meetings and annoying emails." Employees prefer to have meaningful tasks and projects that they can engage in at their own pace.

This problem has only been exacerbated during the pandemic with "zoom fatigue" becoming more and more common. Although meetings are commonplace in offices, they aren’t always the best way of getting work done. According to a 2020 survey, of 1,000 UK employees, almost one in five reported that 50% to 100% of all meetings produce zero results.

With our headquarters based in Limassol, TheSoul Publishing is a remote forward company with a global team of more than 2,000, located across 70 countries. Interestingly, we collaborate with barely any meetings, without sending internal emails, communicating almost exclusively asynchronously. That means that employees work on their own schedules and have control over when they communicate with their teammates. Additionally, our team works across many different time zones, in some cases having a 10-hour difference between locations. As a result, in-person or Zoom meetings are particularly challenging to arrange. But more importantly, they’re not effective and can be a waste of time. We ‘ve designed a process that allows for communication across time zones and where there is no need for everyone to be at their workspace at the same time, while also ensuring transparency and giving everyone access to the same information. By sharing all relevant information on a mutual platform, everyone can access it as needed, making sure that everyone is on the same page. In practice, our remote workers are effectively kept in the loop and office employees have excellent working conditions to focus and perform their tasks at a high level.

It is important to note that implementing an asynchronous communication policy, doesn’t mean that the whole communication process will be slow. At the start of a project, we ensure that everyone involved is fully aligned, setting clear deliverables and deadlines, so that contributors know what they need to provide and by when. That way, teams are given the flexibility to work in their own way, while delivering the expected end result. From our experience, employees work best without a forced schedule and are most productive when they can truly manage their own to-do lists and connect with colleagues when it works best for them.

Although largely reduced, meetings do sometimes happen, but only for special cases. There are strict protocols to follow to arrange for one – for example we always aim to provide at least 24 hours’ notice, limit the meeting to two participants for a maximum of 30 minutes. That way we ensure that only those people who really need to participate are invited to the meeting. After the meeting, the organizer logs the results in the location where the project work is stored, so everyone can benefit. If the meeting was on Zoom, the recording is posted, as well.

Building a strong corporate culture that is focused on value creation, ensures employees feel empowered. Having clearly communicated systems – the right tech and processes – which all members understand, allows for a smooth workflow. Workplace cultures are not dependent on meetings; in fact, workplace culture can thrive in other ways. At TheSoul Publishing, we know how important it is to communicate your company culture to every team member, both honestly and clearly. As such, we love to bring our staff together outside of the work environment, to encourage bonding and the exchange of ideas via online experiences or in-person events.

Live meetings don’t drive successful work cultures. Instilling efficient processes and allowing our teams the freedom to work on their own schedules has led to great outcomes for TheSoul Publishing, both on the productivity level and when it comes to employee satisfaction. It’s been an outstanding combination for us and we believe these learnings can be effectively applied to many other businesses as well.



*As Chief Human Resources Officer, Aleksandra Sulimko oversees all human resources and recruitment for TheSoul Publishing, one of the world’s most popular online media companies that is based in Limassol, Cyprus. 




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