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80 Leading Law Firms in Cyprus

80 Leading Law Firms in Cyprus

Cyprus is widely recognised as a centre of excellence as regards the provision of professional services. With an abundance of highly-skilled and experienced multilingual professionals, the island offers a full range of modern, advanced professional services at competitive rates. In the legal sector, over 3,000 registered advocates, many of whom have been educated at the world’s best universities, and more than 220 limited liability law firms, provide a wide range of high quality legal services in a complete range of areas, while most of the larger law firms are affiliated with or collaborate with international firms.

The Cypriot legal system is frequently cited as one of the country’s competitive advantages, given that it is based on English Common Law, and it is currently undergoing a number of important changes and reforms that are expected to help improve Cyprus’ competitiveness – its low ranking (139) in the area of enforcing contracts in the 2017 edition of the World Bank’s Doing Business report – and better the provision of justice generally, through the establishment of judicial training schools. The Attorney-General Costas Clerides told GOLD in March the administration of justice is in urgent need of radical reform and modernisation. This will enable Cyprus to improve its status as a more attractive business centre in the Mediterranean.

In this latest annual update of GOLD’s list of the biggest law firms (ranked by the number of lawyers and practitioners), we have set the cut-off point for inclusion at six, though we recognise that there may be firms omitted from the list, which, according to a different, equally objective assessment, perhaps ought to have been included. No firm has paid to be included in the list, nor has payment of any kind been sought.

We asked all the firms to confirm their details as correct. Fifteen of them could not be contacted or they declined to provide updated information and the figures (lawyers/partners) are marked with an asterisk (*), which indicates that the information is from 2016.

The listing was first published in GOLD magazine (August 2017).