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Empowering Global Citizenship

Empowering Global Citizenship

The New Year has come with good news for Cyprus, as the Cypriot passport appears to be among the strongest in the world. According to the latest Passport Index, (updated on January 4), it has achieved a Passport Power Rank of 13, an Individual Power Rank of 37 and an impressive visa-free score of 144. Armand Arton, Chairman of Arton Capital, the global financial advisory firm specialising in residence programmes and citizenship, spoke to Gold about the reasons behind Cyprus’ recent achievement, analysing how foreign investors can obtain Cypriot citizenship and explaining why not all EU passports are equally attractive.  

Gold: According to the updated Passport Index, Cyprus has achieved a Passport Power Rank of 13 and an Individual Power Rank of 37 globally. Which are the main factors that have led to this?

Armand Arton: Passport Power Rank is based on the total Visa-Free Score (VFS) accumulated by each country’s passport. This includes visa-free and visa on arrival provisions set in place by countries. All countries’ VSF are then indexed from the highest to the lowest number, thus the Passport Power Rank indicates each country’s position within the Passport Index. As no two passports are alike, the Individual Passport Power Rank shows the unique position of a passport within the Passport Index. The individual Passport Power Rank is tabulated by a three-tier method. Firstly, countries are sorted by their VFS. Secondly, two identical VFS are sorted by the visa-free portion of the score and thirdly, the United Nations Development Programme Human Development Index (UNDP HDI) is used as a differentiator. This is more concerned with a country’s reputation abroad and its level of economic development.


Gold: In your opinion, can anything be done to make a Cyprus passport even more desirable?

A.A.: The desirability of a passport will be a function of the freedom of mobility it guarantees, the level of security the country has and its political and economic stability. The most efficient way for a country to climb up the Passport Index ranking is to secure visa-free agreements with those countries with which it currently doesn’t have one. For example, negotiating a visa-free or visa on arrival policy with the likes of the US, China, India, Cuba, Russia, and a handful of African countries, would propel the Cypriot passport ranking to new heights. For example, as of January 2017, Kazakhstan has opened its borders to citizens of Cyprus, thus adding one point to its visa-free score. Given the positive signs that the Cypriot economy has been demonstrating and the political predictability it has compared to the rest of Europe, it is certain that the Cypriot passport will climb up the ranking.


Gold: Since Cyprus is an EU member state, why is the country’s passport valued less highly than those of countries like Germany, Sweden, Finland and France?

A.A.: EU membership does not necessarily mean that all member states have homogeneous mobility agreements with third countries. There are a number of European countries that still don’t have visa-free travel to the US or Canada, for example. Cyprus has a visa-free score of 144, where Germany’s is 157, followed by Sweden and Singapore with 156. The German passport (the strongest overall) can be compared to that of Cyprus, through the ‘compare’ feature on the website.


Gold: What are the main benefits of Cypriot citizenship to a foreigner? Do you have data on where most of those applying for Cypriot citizenship through Investment originally come from?

A.A.: The Citizenship-by-Investment (CIP) Programme of Cyprus offers a variety of advantages to applicants, especially as it enables them to obtain citizenship of an EU member state. Its major advantage is the speed of approval and the ease of the process. We have found, however, that although people are initially attracted by the above, they generally like Cyprus and establish much more than just residence on the island. The fact that Cyprus is an international business centre and a low tax jurisdiction, one of the safest countries in the world, characterised by mild weather, warm and welcoming people, low stress and a beautiful environment adds considerably to the popularity of Cypriot citizenship.

No official data is published about the countries of origin of applicants. Our information shows that about 50% of applicants originate from Russia and the ex-Soviet Union countries, about 20% from China, about 20% from the MENA region and the Gulf, and the rest from other countries.


Gold: What are the current investment options/criteria available to those looking to obtain a Cypriot passport?

A.A.: The investment criteria were revised and simplified in September 2016. An applicant must buy a housing unit at a price of €500,000 (excl. VAT or transfer fees) and make an investment of €2 million in one or a combination of the following: company shares or bonds, financial products, property or property development. The mix can include a maximum of €500,000 special government bonds. If the applicant wishes to invest in housing units only, the investment amount is reduced to €1.5 million. Bank deposits are no longer accepted and the emphasis is on what the Government calls ‘real investments’ mainly in property. A major change from the previous programme is the requirement that citizenship be preceded by residency. Investors need now to visit Cyprus several times before they obtain their passport. This is necessitated by the need to select and finalise their investment, the requirement to give their biometric data so that they secure their residency permit and the requirement to be present for the issuance of their passport after 6 months of residency elapses.


Gold: Is there more that the Government could be doing in order to make its citizenship/permanent residence schemes even more attractive?

A.A.: Cyprus’ Programme is already very attractive as it is appeals only to very High Net Worth Individuals. Therefore, it can be said that Cyprus already attracts the very best, especially bearing in mind that a rigorous Due Diligence process is applied and applicants need to pass a number of filters, even if that is not particularly evident at first glance. In redesigning the Programme, the Government drew from global experience of such programmes and incorporated many suggestions which led to the Programme’s increased competitiveness. One major issue had to do with the minimum investment threshold to be adopted. A lower investment threshold would lead to a higher number of applicants whereas a high threshold results in attracting only the upper slice of international investors. As the Minister of Interior has said, Cyprus is honoured when such people select Cyprus as the country where they and their descendents will take root. What is also evident is that these people also feel honoured by Cyprus when the country accepts them as its citizens and they show their appreciation through further investment on the island which takes place once citizenship is granted.


Gold: How has the industry of citizenship/residency evolved over the years? How do you respond to claims that passports are ‘being sold’?

A.A.: The concept of granting residency and/or citizenship in return for a significant contribution by a foreign individual is very old, going as far back as the Roman Empire. In more recent times, countries such as the UK, France, Germany, the Netherlands, etc. have attracted large numbers of people from India, Pakistan, Algeria, Tunisia, Turkey and elsewhere, especially since World War II, when the rebuilding of Europe required the mass importation of labour. These people moved to their host countries to produce economic benefits in exchange for better wages and living conditions as residents at first and later, after some years of residency, as citizens. The relationship between economic benefit and the granting of residency/citizenship became, therefore, established and widespread. In modern times the economic needs of host countries have changed from attracting human capital to attracting investment capital. Therefore, we see that countries such as the UK, the USA, Canada, Australia, Austria and the Caribbean islands have introduced programmes of residency/citizenship-by-investment programmes of. Countries such as Cyprus, Hungary, Malta, etc., are newcomers to the industry, which is expanding rapidly. It is true that the increasing interest in these programmes has led some to voice their concerns about the ‘immorality’ of ‘selling passports’ and about whether the granting of passports in this manner poses security risks. Although there have been a limited number of instances in which citizenship of certain Caribbean islands was granted to persons of ill repute, this has been the exception rather than the rule. Where the specified due diligence process is enforced, no problems arise especially since the process is much stricter than the normal one applied in all countries in issuing passports to other types of applicants.

What is of the utmost importance to all concerned states and stakeholders is that applicants should be thoroughly filtered and stringent criteria continue to be applied. Also, the host countries should receive tangible economic benefits from such investors, thereby boosting economic development, local employment and income. 


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UEFA Has Doubled Prize Money For Women's EURO 2022 Football Tournament
GOLD Magazine Presents THE FINTECH REVOLUTION- October Issue, 2021
Cyprus To Take Part In EXPO2020 To Be Held In Dubai
Cyprus President Anastasiades To Address The UN General Assembly
Cyprus House Plenary Votes For The Opening Of The Electricity Market
Government To Discuss Energy Programme With Exxonmobil Officials In New York
Energy Ministry And Cyprus Marine And Maritime Institute Sign Memorandum of Cooperation
Commission Approves Cypriot Support Scheme For Wine Producers
Percentage Of Cypriots Working From Home In 2020 Lower Than Most European Regions
Fears Grow For China Evergrande After Interest Deadline Missed
Hellenic Bank: Ongoing Resilient Performance In A Challenging Period
Petrolina Racing Team With Dynamic Presence At 49th Cyprus Rally
PwC Cyprus’ Annual Meeting: The Results And Strategy For The Future
Kyriakides: HERA Is The Authority We Should Have Had From The Pandemic’s Beginning
Petrides: Cyprus To Move From COVID Support Measures To Recovery
UN Secretary-General Meets With Anastasiades-Tatar On Monday
Some UK Fuel Stations Running On Empty
Fitch Affirms Cyprus’ Long-Term Credit Rating At BBB- Maintaining Stable Outlook
Cyprus Aims To Boost EV Sales To 25% Of Total Car Sales And 1,000 Charging Points
Hermes Airports Celebrates World Tourism Day
Cyprus Stands Ready To Establish A Cooperative Corporate Climate In The East Med, President Says
Electronic Money And Payment Institutions Launch Professional Association
Anastasiades: UNSG Oriented Towards Appointing A Special Envoy On Cyprus
Differences With Turkey Can Be Resolved Only Through International Law
Τοtal Deposits In August Record An Increase Of €495.6 mln, Decrease In Total Loans
Cyprus Composite Leading Economic Index Records Increase
Economic Sentiment In Cyprus Deteriorates This September As ESI Drops By 1.5 Points
UK Petrol Supply: Army Put On Standby To Ease Fuel Crisis
Ford Announces US$11.4bn Investment In Electric Vehicle Plants
Huawei: Innovating Nonstop For Faster Digitalization
Recapturing The Spirit Of The Old Nicosia Airport – The NIC Project
DP World Limassol: Return Of Cruising Fuels Economic Recovery
Johansson To Seek Common Ground With Turkey On Cyprus Irregular Arrivals
Canada's High Commissioner Reconfirms Support Of Cyprus' Sovereignty
Cypriot Company Among Gold Winners Of The EU Product Safety Award
Oil Price Rises Above $80 For First Time In Three Years
Justice Minister Highlights Justice Reform And Fight Against Corruption
German Election: How Could A New Government In Berlin Affect Brussels?
iSPIRAL Featured On CNN Greece As A Member Of Visa Innovation
7th International Compliance Forum: Reinventing Compliance
No Statement On Cyprus Yet, UN Spokesperson Says
Pelekanos: Greece - France Defence Deal Is A Positive Development
Industrial Production Accelerates By 9.3% In January – July 2021
UAE Ambassador Speaks Of High Strategic Value Of UAE-Cyprus Relations
Grant Thornton Cyprus Launches Sustainability Services
The Popular Robotex Robotics Competition Returns!
Tsouloftas Wins The 49th Cyprus Rally
“Pandemic, Social Distancing And Teleworking”
Driving Awareness About Safer Gambling
Alphamega Hypermarket Ensures Safe Work Environment With ISO Certification
TheSoul Publishing Reveals Its First Digital Music Artist
Christodoulides: Implementation Of Green Deal A Challenge For Cyprus
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Promote Your Company Through The U.S. Embassy
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Eurostat: Unemployment Significantly Lower In Cyprus This August
Revenue From Tourism Increased Significantly In July
Revenue From Tourism Increased Significantly In July
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North Korea Reopens Hotline With South In Bid To Mend Ties
'Democracy Is Under Attack' Says Merkel At German Reunification Ceremony
Hellenic Life And Pancyprian Insurance Are Implementing SAP Solutions To Comply With The New IFRS 17 Regulation
Retail Trade Turnover Value And Volume Up In First Seven Months Of This Year
Cyprus Moves From Recovery To Growth Phase, Finmin Says Highlighting Need For Reforms
Foreign Minister On The Phone With Israeli And Maltese Counterparts On EEZ
No Wrongdoing Attributed To Anastasiades, Presidency Says On Pandora Papers
New And Redesigned Commercial Areas At Larnaka Airport
UN Secretary‑General In Contact With Security Council On Cyprus, Says His Deputy Spokesperson
Facebook, Whatsapp And Instagram Back After Outage
Recovery Plan and Non-Performing Loans
CySEC: The Public’s Financial Education Is Imperative
GenPro Sets Sights On Sustainability At Recent Blue Day Seminar
Leaders To Discuss EU Geostrategic Role At International Stage During Informal European Council Meeting In Slovenia
Foreign Minister To Pay Working Visit To Lebanon
Anastasides: The Government Invests In The Human Capital Of The Country
Central Bank Reports Deterioration Of Balance Of Payments, International Investment Position, External Debt in Q2
The ACCA Vision Of The Young People Determined To Go To The Top
Tradewind Middle East Limited Appoints Cedar Rose To Provide Critical Business Information Services
Facebook Harms Children And Is Damaging Democracy, Claims Whistleblower
Welcome To Payabl, Powered By Powercash21
ECB to Zoom In On Inflation Expectations
Cyprus President Informs EU Leaders Of Recent Developments In Cyprus Problem
Cyprus ready to support Lebanon’s sovereignty, stability, territorial integrity and unity, FM says
Number Of Jobless Plunges By 63% In September 2021 Driven By Tourism And Trade
Invest Cyprus Carries Out Targeted Meetings For Middle East And Persian Gulf Markets
Biden, Xi Plan U.S.-China Virtual Summit Before Year's End, U.S. Says
The 5th Project Management Conference
EY Presents The 17th CFO Management Forum And The CFO Awards 2021
Presidents Of Cyprus And Poland Meet In Nicosia To Mark Close Bilateral Cooperation
Mukesh Ambani: Asia's Richest Man To Launch 7-Eleven In India
KPMG In Cyprus Announces Partnership With RICS
Cyprus Forum 2021: Sustainable Policies In The Spotlight
Cyprus Parliament Approves Supplementary Budget Of €91.7 Million For The Needs Of The Pandemic
House Prices In Cyprus Down 4.9% In The Second Quarter 2021
Cyprus’ Inflation At 4.1% In September
Public Debt Estimated To Decline To €24.1 Billion By End-2021, PDMO Says
State Budget For 2022 Provides For “A Significant Fiscal Correction” Finmin Says
Cyprus Interior Minister Travels To Luxembourg For EU Home Affairs Council
President Anastasiades Welcomes Common Will Of Cyprus And Poland To Strengthen Their Cooperation
Tesla Moving Headquarters To Texas From California
Venus Minerals: Gold, Zinc And Copper Confirmed In Kokkinoyia Sector
SEPAGA E.M.I Successfully Participates In World-Renowned iFX Expo International
Desirable Properties Available For Purchase In Upcoming Bidx1 Digital Sale
Cabinet Approves Grant Scheme For New Entrepreneurial Activity In British Bases In Cyprus
Revenue Up And Significant Deficit Reduction In Cyprus State Budget For 2022
President Anastasiades Criticizes Turkish Side For Toppling Appointment Of UN Envoy On Cyprus
US Must Stand With Cyprus, Senator Menendez Says On Turkey's Provocations In Cyprus EEZ
Cyprus Welcomes OECD Tax Deal On Global Minimum Tax Rate
Lebanon Restores Power Supply After Complete Halt
Inflation To Remain Higher For Two Years, Warns OECD
Mass Protests In Poland Amid EU Exit Fears
What Is The New Global Minimum Tax Deal And What Will It Mean?
Merck Seeks First U.S. FDA Authorization For COVID-19 Tablet
Leptos Blood Donation In Memory Of Michael Leptos
Greece And Cyprus Address Challenges Through International Law, House President Says After Meeting With Greek PM
Cyprus Trade Deficit Accelerates To €3.55 Billion According To Provisional Data
Government Employment Rises Due To Temporary Employees
Cyprus Cabinet Approves Visa Waiver Agreement With Bahrain
Evergrande Misses 3rd Round Of Bond Coupon Payments, Intensifying Contagion Fears
Venus Minerals And Hellenic Copper Mines To Join Forces For Development Of The Apliki Mine
In Cyprus 88% Of Adults Say They Use The Internet Daily, Compared To 80% In The EU
Infocredit Group Sets The Standards In Legal Research With LexisLibrary
Agriculture Council Of The EU Discusses Support To Livestock Farmers, Fisheries, Turkish Actions In The Aegean
President Anastasiades Pledges Full Support To Shipping Industry
IMF Revises Upwards Its Forecasts For Growth Of The Cypriot Economy
Defence Minister Calls On Companies And Young Researchers To Show Interest In EU Defence Projects
Grant Thornton Cyprus: Team Bonding Event
Energy Security Dominates EU-Ukraine Summit, As Prices Continue To Surge
PwC Announces Global Revenues Of US$45 Billion
We Stand At A Critical Juncture, FM Says Of Global Challenges, Sees Endless Opportunities For Cooperation
CySEC Promotes Basic Investor Education
President Asks Merkel To Exert Pressure For Resumption Of Cyprus Talks
Pelekanos: Government Exhausting All Means To Put An End To Illegal Actions Of Turkey And T/C Side
State-Owned KEDIPES Cash Collections Exceed €1 Billion After Three Years Of Operation
LA Port To Open Round The Clock To Tackle Shipping Queues
Creative Women International Platform Exclusive Networking Event
ESG Principles Set The Scene For Sustainable Finance
Agriculture Minister To Issue Decree For The Accumulation Of 4% Reserves In Grain By March 2022
We Need To Maintain Adequate Connectivity For All, Transport Minister Tells ICAO Conference
GOLD New Issue: The 9th Annual Invest Cyprus International Investment Awards
Cyprus Aspires To Become A Regional Hub For Science And Technology Companies
Government Concerned Over Price Increases And Looking To Prevent Economy Risks
Tourist Inflow In The Winter Season Through Scheduled Flights, Says Perdios
Cyprus And Egypt To Sign Electricity Interconnection MoU
China Coal Prices Hit Record Highs, Early Winter Chill Adds To Energy Woes
Skandalis: Compliance Is The Key Catalyst To Restarting The Economy The Right Way
FMs Of Cyprus And Russia To Hold Talks In Moscow On October 21
FM Christodoulides Travels To Luxembourg, Turkish Illegal Activities In Varosha On The Agenda
Efforts For A Just And Viable Solution To The Cyprus Issue Must Continue, Says House President
Philippos Soseilos Elected As The New CEO Of PwC Cyprus
Alphamega Hypermarkets Rewards Customers With MasterChef Products
Techisland Welcomes The Approved Incentive Package For Attracting Companies In Cyprus
Trilateral Summit Between Greece, Cyprus And Egypt Takes Place In Athens On Tuesday
Facebook Plans To Hire 10,000 In EU To Build 'Metaverse'
President Anastasiades And British High Commissioner Discuss Cyprus Problem And Turkish Provocations
Cyprus Finance Minister Presents Budget To House Committee, Talks About Recovery
FM Travels To Budapest, EEZ And Varosha On The Agenda
The Greece-Cyprus-Egypt Trilateral Summit To Be Held In Athens Tuesday
Eurostat: 17.6% Of Cypriots Were At Risk Of Poverty And Social Exclusion In 2020
Cyprus' High Commissioner To South Africa Presents His Credentials To President Ramaphosa
Apple Doubles Down On Chip Strategy With New Premium-Priced MacBooks
Fail Whilst Trying To Change The World
Road Safety Week 2021: Let’s Not Let Our Dreams Fall Apart!
Central Bank Reports Slowdown In The Price Of Houses, Apartment Prices Go Up
Cyber Security Conference
Εastmed And Mideast Region Needs To Work Together To Tackle Climate Crisis, Prof. Sachs Tells CNA
A Two-State Cyprus Solution Is Unacceptable, Mitsotakis-Anastasiades Say
Trilateral Summit Aimed At Strengthening Ties And Tackling Challenges In The Region, Egypt Says
Strict Or Flexible? Brussels Kicks Off Debate To Reform Fiscal Rules
New Collaboration Between KEAN Trading And Kouroushis Dairies
Greek Cypriot Side Focused On The Resumption Of The Negotiations, House President Tells Israeli Ambassador
Cypriot And Russian FMs To Discuss Cyprus Problem And Turkish Provocations On Thursday
S&P Affirms RCB Bank’s “BB-” Rating With Stable Outlook
EY: Conditions Are Ripe For Rapid Growth In Renewables Generation, Inadequate Grid Investments May Be A Major Challenge
The Cyprus Composite Leading Economic Index (CCLEI)
Finance Minister Says Green And Digital Transition To Revamp Economy In Cyprus
Cyprus Chief Scientist Promoted Cyprus As A Regional Research And Innovation Hub In Dubai
Tourist Arrivals In Cyprus Up By 153.7% Annually In First Nine Months Of 2021
UK And New Zealand Strike Free Trade Deal
Construction Materials Prices Up By Nearly 15% Annually This September
Consumer Prices Harmonised Index Up By 3.6% Annually In September, Down By 0.5% Monthly
Annual Inflation Rate At 3.6% In Cyprus And At The EU Level, At 3.4% In The Eurozone
iSPIRAL Participated In The ATHEX Innovation Program
12th Limassol Economic Forum
Attorney General Discusses Cancelled Cyprus Investment Programme With Reynders
P5 Must Deal With Ankara’s Discredit Of The UNSC Decisions, Says FM
Cyprus And India Reaffirm Potential For Further Cooperation On Many Sectors
President Anastasiades To Inform European Council On Turkey's Actions, Measures Against Rising Energy Prices, Migration
Cyprus Trade Deficit Up By 23% Year On Year In January – July 2021
Presidential Commissioner Meets German Ambassador To Cyprus
Deputy Ministry Of Tourism Updated The Website Delightfulcyprus
Survey Vessel 'Nautical Geo' In Block 1 Of Cyprus' EEZ
Underwater And Beach Clean-Up From Melco And Agios Athanasios-Germasogeia Municipalities
Need To Accelerate Efforts To Deal With Climate Change, Central Bank Governor Says
Rapid Adaptation Must Be Core Of Our Collective Response, Fiscal Council Chairman Says
Financial Literacy A Key Element For A Well-Functioning Economic System, Central Bank Governor Says
Harris Kyriakides Celebrates 45 Years Of Successful Operations