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Anastasiades Calls On European Council Counterparts To Pressure Turkey

Petrides Refers to a New Era of Uncertainty



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ECOMMBX: e-Money Matters

ECOMMBX: e-Money Matters

The value and benefits of foreign direct investment – in any country – cannot be overestimated. So, when foreign companies show an interest in setting up offices or headquarters in Cyprus, both the government and the financial services sector would do well to facilitate such plans and offer all the support they can.


It is, therefore, not surprising that Cyprus has taken serious steps in that direction over the past few decades. In particular, the island’s financial services sector has undergone significant reforms and has emerged as a critical pillar of the economy, by contributing to Cyprus’s appeal as an attractive investment destination. For investors and the country itself, this is indeed one of those precious win-win scenarios.


Fueling and oiling the economy 

The financial services sector is the engine that propels a country’s economy forward. It allows capital and liquidity to flow freely in the market. When this sector is robust, the economy expands and businesses in this area are better equipped to manage risk.

The natural next step is that a well-developed and healthy financial market will go hand-in-hand with prosperity and efficiency. It supports the accumulation of capital and contributes to the creation of goods and services by facilitating the efficient direct flow of savings and investments in the economy.

In terms of investment services, Cyprus has proved to be a well-established jurisdiction, regarded by entrepreneurs both within the EU and beyond as a destination of choice. Like a virtuous circle, the financial services sector has demonstrated its capacity to serve international businesses, which, in turn, contribute significantly to the economy and have ultimately made this sector one of the few to have achieved consistent, reasonable growth.



As an Electronic Money Institution (EMI), ECOMMBX offers corporate customers a variety of services including the opening and managing of e-accounts. By accessing their account on the sophisticated ECOMMBX platform, companies can make local and international incoming and outgoing payments instantly, while currency conversions between major international currencies are at their fingertips.

This is quality banking as it should be: quick, efficient and supported by consistently high-standard customer service. From simple seamless money operations to electronic accounts with unique IBANs to help you trade globally under complex conditions, your customer experience will keep you coming back for more.


The X-Factor in ECOMMBX

There are business entities and then there are business entities like ECOMMBX: those that feed the economy and liberate global banking. Thanks to a culture that combines business ethics with innovative thinking and working, ECOMMBX offers companies next-level transactional services that deliver unprecedented freedom.

As Maria Ioannou, Head of Business Development, says: “Getting there wasn’t easy or accidental and it’s an ongoing process, as we analyze the operation of foreign and multinational companies headquartered in Cyprus, to anticipate their needs and pre-empt any problems.” Along the way, personal engagement and customer feedback are the basis of a business rapport that goes way beyond opening electronic accounts and watching clicks. Maria continues: “Customer satisfaction is not just about making clients happy; it’s about finding solutions that seem elusive and laying strong foundations for long-term relationships. And that is always a work in progress, because loyalty is never achieved. It has to be earned, day by day.”


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