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Invest Cyprus 30/04-30/03/2019

Prodromou: We Expect the UN to Include Guterres Framework, as Clarified by the UNSG

Wicker: The US has Strong Interest in Cyprus' Reunification



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Work Channel: Matching People to Jobs

Work Channel: Matching People to Jobs

The Work Channel recruitment agency was founded in Cyprus in 2016 and, since then, has used its in-depth knowledge of the labour market to help jobseekers find the right company and businesses the right candidates for their specific vacancies. Andriana Papadopoulou, Recruitment Counselor at Work Channel, explains how the agency brings people together, what the challenges are and how rewarding it is to receive positive feedback from both sides of the business.


What led to the decision to create a recruitment agency? Was it something that you felt was missing from Cyprus?  

The decision to set up Work Channel was based on what we saw as a need to support and provide help to both professionals and non-professionals to achieve their goals. We enable candidates to approach not just one company but many successful enterprises at the same time in order to a proper professional career.


What services does Work Channel offer? Do you specialize in specific areas?

The only service we offer is to recruit staff for companies that are global giants or innovative companies in Cyprus. It is worth mentioning that some 80% of the positions we have are for Accounting, Forex, Legal and Business Administration professionals. The areas that we specialize in are Accounting & Finance, Customer Support, Shipping, Forex, Leisure & Tourism, Marketing & PR, Media, Retail, Sales & Marketing, Telecommunications, Electronic Services & e-Commerce and International Consumer Products.


As a company, how important is it for you to get to know the job applicants?

It is really important for us to get to know the candidates. The moment we receive an application, we will invite the candidate for an interview or, as we call it, for a “getting to know you” meeting. At this stage of the process, we are the candidate’s allies in his/her efforts to gain the position that he/she has applied for. During this initial meeting, the candidate shares his/her previous work experience and professional goals so that the ideal position can be found.


How much can a company benefit from using a recruitment agency?

We strongly believe that such cooperation is really important. As a private recruitment agency, we can provide many candidate options to a company, mainly due to the long- term communication that we have with candidates. A private recruitment agency can propose candidates that show a long-term interest and not only those who have submitted an application within the last month.


Can you give us a few examples of successful recruitment done through Work Channel?

There are countless examples! Accountants, Corporate Lawyers, Corporate Administrators, Compliance Officers and Managers, Sales Managers/Assistants in Forex and Retail…


What are the challenges that a recruitment agency such as Work Channel faces?

One major challenge concerns recruiting professionals for start-up companies, when the business needs to hire someone who needs to become familiar with a new industry and/or a completely new idea. Another challenge may arise when very specific abilities are required – for example, on one occasion we had to find a candidate residing in Cyprus who spoke fluent Swedish and English and had professional experience in sales in the education sector. I am pleased to say that we were successful! It is always very fulfilling to see that our partners are pleased with our choices.


What skills are most important for finding a job these days?

In many cases, the companies that we work with have very specific requirements as regards abilities, over and above a candidate’s necessary academic qualifications and proven work experience. Some companies are interested in seeing candidates with no previous work experience, provided that they have certain skills – teamwork, good communication, an eagerness to learn, a willingness to go the extra mile, being a fast learner, honest and able to accept suggestion and guidance. It is important to note that some companies want to see people who are constantly improving themselves and will not settle for mediocrity.


Is it enough for a candidate to send a CV presenting his/her abilities and characteristics?

A candidate’s CV can be the key that opens the door to a job but it is not enough for anyone to have a complete picture. This is where we come in to complete the picture. Through our meetings with the candidate, we are able recognize if he/she is the person who best suits the company’ s needs.


You’re now celebrating your second year of operations. What are your plans for the future?

Since 2016, Work Channel has helped a significant number of candidates to find their ideal job and our goal is to continue offering our services, with the aim of growing and, at the same time, helping our partners’ portfolio to grow. We receive positive feedback from our partners and candidates on a daily basis and this encourages us to carry on in the same way to achieve even greater success.


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