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René Troccaz: Developments in Cyprus’ EEZ Concern the Whole of the EU

New Safety Requirements for Coastal Passenger Vessels Enter into Force



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Nearchi Investment PLC and Business Links Consultancy Announce Cooperation Agreement

Nearchi Investment PLC and Business Links Consultancy Announce Cooperation Agreement

Nearchi Investment PLC, Cyprus’ Premier Private Equity Investment firm has confirmed the first of its local B2B cooperation agreements with Business Links Consultancy. This agreement will provide greater opportunities for both parties, linking capital and investment opportunities within Cyprus.

The co-operation will act as a platform for managing investors seeking the comfort of a PLC company regulated by CySec and the European Union.

Nearchi deploys capital into the Cyprus economy providing growth capital and management support to the tourism, hospitality, renewable energy and real estate development sectors.   Nearchi Investment PLC’s mission in “Creating the Cyprus of Tomorrow”, will be achieved by establishing agreements such as this.  


Company Profiles:

Business Links Consultancy – Consultancy Agency linking clients with opportunities

BUSINESS LINKS CONSULTANCY LTD (BLC) is a Cyprus based business development agency specializing in the promotion of trade and investment projects in Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

BLC group of consultants provide its clients with the necessary guidance, assistance and inside information that help them select the right business partner in the above-mentioned geographic areas, maximizing the client’s opportunity for success.

Nearchi Investment PLC – Cypriot Private Equity Investment firm

Nearchi Investment PLC is a Cyprus Company listed on The Emerging Companies Index of The Cyprus Stock Exchange. Its core focus is the deployment of private equity across all sectors into active and trading businesses or projects in Cyprus.

Their capital is internationally sourced and brings to the Cypriot market fresh investment funds with an innovative mindset that wishes to take advantage of the robust and strongly growing Cypriot economy.

Operating as part of a larger group that includes regulated and unregulated investment advisory firms in China, UAE, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom, Nearchi brings international skills, experience and capital to the Cypriot market, and has fast become the pre-eminent Private Equity Firm in the country.

It is the alignment of the mission between the companies therefore, where both companies have found a fruitful common ground into further strengthening their, already, good business relationships. This outcome can only act as a value adding co-operation to the Cypriot Economy, where both firms will work together into getting substantial and strategic investments flowing into the country.


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