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Emily Yiolitis: Resumption Of Cyprus Talks Require Termination Of Turkish Provocations

Nicos Christodoulides Attends Crucial EU Foreign Affairs Council



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More Citizens Consult Information Online

More Citizens Consult Information Online

e-Government requires rethinking organisations and processes and changing behaviour so that public services are delivered more efficiently to citizens, through the use of suitable online solutions, Eurostat reports.


In 2019, 44% of citizens in the European Union reported that they had obtained information from the websites of public authorities during the last 12 months. This was substantially higher than the 33% of citizens reporting the same in 2008.


Citizens of all ages use public authorities’ websites to obtain information. With 56%, the share of citizens that reported to have done this in the last 12 months was highest among the 25-34 years old. The 35-44 years old followed closely thereafter with 53%. Although older citizens tended to use public authorities’ websites less to get information, almost a quarter (23%) of citizens aged 65-74 had used government websites for this purpose in the last 12 months.  

The development of e-Government and the availability of online information for citizens vary considerably across the EU Member States, as does the share of citizens that use the internet in general.


In 2019, a large part of the citizens in the Nordic countries had used the websites of public authorities to obtain information: 89% of citizens in Denmark, 84% of citizens in Finland and 79% of citizens in Sweden reported to have done this in the last 12 months. These shares were high also in the Netherlands (76%) and in Estonia (69%). In contrast, only 9% of citizens in Romania had obtained information from public authorities through their websites. This was also not common in Italy (19%) and Bulgaria (20%). 


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