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Savvas Perdios: The Aim Is to Turn Cyprus into an All Year Destination



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Creating an All-In-One-Package

Creating an All-In-One-Package

Pawel Mandalian, Managing Director of Moebius Ltd, speaks with GOLD about their highlights in 2019 and future plans in 2020.

What kind of a year has 2019 been for your firm? Name some of the highlights and/or low points.

2019 has been an excellent year. We started the year with a lot of interest from companies in the legal, audit, finance and administrative service sectors. This broadened and strengthened our customer base into new market sectors, in line with our growth strategy. Some of the new customers that we welcomed in 2019 are Christophi & Associates LLC, Pan Invest Management Ltd, FINCAP Advisers Limited, Avantium Corporate Services Ltd, ECOMMBX LTD, SPGM Limited and Quality serve Professional Services (Qsps) Limited.

In addition to expanding our customer base, another highlight was our participation in a number of forums and exhibitions, most notably the 5th International Compliance Forum, The Cyprus Legal Conference and the Cyprus IT forum. We shared our expertise on how to use technology to address the challenges of a risk-based approach to AML and on how technology can help deliver increased profits for legal practices, and we participated in a panel discussion about GDPR.

Our mission is to create an all-in-one package that provides our customers with a simplified, productive and efficient solution for all their business needs, utilizing automated report generation that enables continuous control of the company's Key Performance Indicators.

Steps that we have taken this year to deliver on this mission include:

Significant improvements to our Document Management module to deliver better integration with Outlook, including automated e-mail filing, document workflows and approval paths.

Enhancements to our Compliance module, extending the capability of our automated risk-rating engine.

Strengthening the capabilities of our workflows design module to deliver more business automation options.


More broadly speaking, has 2019 been a good year for your profession in Cyprus and internationally? What have the main developments been?

For us, 2019 has been a good year and I believe that more companies are ready to invest more heavily in technology, which is certainly good for technology providers like ourselves. Locally and internationally the trend has been towards cloud-based and customer-centric solutions plus, as a matter of course, a big interest in Artificial Intelligence and the opportunities that it can deliver.

We have seen these trends play out in our business through the uptake of our solution delivered in collaboration with CloudLayer 8.

The main factor driving business for us this year has been the continuing pressure on the service industry due to changes in regulatory requirements. This pressure has led to more companies seeking technology solutions to manage their compliance obligations.


How do you view the present state of the Cyprus economy and what are your hopes and/or predictions for it in 2020?

The Cyprus economy is stable and has been in a growth pattern for the last few years. The predictions are that this pattern will continue through 2019 and 2020. Our view is that there are still some issues that need to be addressed in the economy that could threaten these predictions.

Our hopes go a bit beyond 2020 and they are that Cyprus, and especially technology companies in Cyprus, will compete successfully with providers from all over the world. As technology drives all business sectors, this technological advance would bring benefits to all sectors of the economy.


Address: 11 Lemesou Avenue, Third Floor, Galatariotis Building, 2112 Nicosia, Cyprus

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