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Invest Cyprus 30/04-30/03/2019

Prodromou: We Expect the UN to Include Guterres Framework, as Clarified by the UNSG

Wicker: The US has Strong Interest in Cyprus' Reunification



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Company Profile: Olieserve

Company Profile: Olieserve

Olieserve is a young, dynamic company offering administration, corporate and legal solutions to businesses of all types, backgrounds and sizes. We work with international structures and a variety of jurisdictions, but we specialise in Cyprus, Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai and Ras-al-Khaimah.


Despite being a relatively young player in this field, we have managed to acquire a strong presence in all five of the above and we pride ourselves on it. It has enabled us to provide a top-level service for our valued clients and partners.

At Olieserve we believe in the power of team spirit and, thus, pay a lot of attention to cultivating a positive and encouraging company culture. Our multinational team of young and experienced professionals is at all times ready and fully equipped to serve the best interests of our clients.

Olieserve’s motto, which you can see on our logo, is “Honesty, Decency, Trust”, and it goes right to the core values of our company. Mutual trust and respect is what we aim for and this is what we have always been able to achieve in the business relationship with our clients. 

What we do

We provide a full range of corporate services including but not limited to:

•    Company formation
•    Fiduciary services
•    Accounting services
•    Bank account opening all over the world
•    Virtual office
•    Legal advice
•    Full spectrum of ‘substance package’
•    And many more

‘A package just for YOU’

A phrase you could associate with Olieserve is ‘quality not quantity’. Numbers are meaningless and serve only to detach you from the client and their needs; customer satisfaction is our primary target.

We bring the very best premium quality services at the fairest prices, always trying to lead the way in innovation. We try to avoid generic packages and, instead, build tailor- made ones to suit the particular needs of each client. In a very competitive market and on the back of a global recession, we have proved ourselves more than worthy, as we have experienced a steady expansion over the last year and all the signs lead us to believe that the coming year will bring even more success to both us and our clients!


Be our partner


Olieserve is always looking for new prospects and partnership opportunities around the world as well as in Cyprus. We try to build long-term relationships with our partners that may also be called friendships. We have two fixed partnership schemes available at all times and several limited-time promotions coming live this month. 

Please feel free to check our website for more information. Alternatively, if after reading this short article on Olieserve, you already have a strong feeling that we are just what you need, please contact us directly to discuss future cooperation opportunities. Olieserve is always at your disposal. We look forward to hearing from you soon!


Following the events of March 2013, what can the Government and the private sector do in order to restore the Administrative Services sector to its pre-crisis levels and to encourage the further growth of the industry?

Natalia Rudakova, Managing Director: After the events of early 2013, when the government choose to “stab in the back” those foreign and local investors who had put their trust in Cyprus, it bought about the need to really think how to build a positive awareness of Cyprus in places outside the island. I believe the only way to do this is for the government and every single player in the market to cooperate. Very few people in the business world know about Cyprus and, if they do, they usually have only the bad image and negative things in mind.

Before we can ask investors to come back and before we invest big sums of money on marketing, there must be a hard look and a big internal clean-up. Recent events have highlighted many of the internal issues and brought to light problems within; they cannot and should not be hidden anymore. Until these issues are resolved Cyprus will struggle to attract new investors.




Address: Office 4C, Roussos Limassol Tower, 
3, Kyriakou Matsi Street, 3040 Limassol Cyprus 
Tel: (+357) 25316119
Skype: olie.serve1



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