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Alpha Bank Cyprus Presents The 5th Professional Services Forum

Alpha Bank Cyprus Presents The 5th Professional Services Forum

Alpha Bank Cyprus Ltd is presenting The 5th Professional Services Forum on Wednesday, 21 November 2018 at the Hilton Park Hotel in Nicosia, Cyprus. This is an annual exciting event that professionals from the industry get together to discuss the latest trends and developments in the field. 

The professional services sector in Cyprus has experienced unprecedented growth over the last 30+ years and slowly but steadily became a vital part of the island’s economy. The biggest stakeholders in the industry (large accounting/audit/tax firms, well-known law firms and the banking divisions of Cyprus banks) have traditionally depended on their business with international clients – both corporate clients and high network individuals – to maximize their growth. Nevertheless, new regulatory requirements and the latest developments regarding tax incentives in different jurisdictions means that it is time to reconsider things as these changes start to impact business with overseas. So is it time to start working on a new business model that will enable the professional services industry in Cyprus to flourish again? 

This year’s forum aims to help professionals in the field develop a new vision for the Cyprus professional services sector and ultimately consider a new model of prosperity and growth. The 5th Professional Services Forum will try to answer the following: 
The professional services sector is evolving. Is it time for a new model for Cyprus?
With the new realities come new threats and costs. What about new opportunities? 
What do clients really want out of professional services and which services should the industry stakeholders focus on offering? 
Are there new geographical markets we need to consider? 
Does Cyprus still maintain its competitive advantage as an international centre of excellence for the provision of professional services? 
How should all stakeholders involved adapt to prosper in this new reality?

The Forum will be conducted in English. For more information regarding the event, please click here: https://www.imhbusiness.com/en/the-5th-professional-services-forum 

Alongside the forum, attendees will be offered the chance to network with like-minded peers. The forum is addressed to professionals and more specifically senior executives from the following: 

- Accounting, audit and tax firms 
-Banks and other financial institutions 
- Law firms and legal consultants 
- Investment firms
- Company formation and administration firms 
- Trust service providers 
- Wealth management firms 
- Corporate service providers
- Fiduciary service providers
- Relevant governmental authorities and jurisdictions
- Local and European regulatory bodies 

To register online please click here 

Organiser: IMH 
Main Sponsor: Alpha Bank Cyprus Ltd
Sponsors (to date): G.A.P. Vassilopoulos Group
With the Support of: Association of Cyprus Banks, Cyprus Bar Association, Cyprus Fiduciary Association (CFA), Cyprus Investment Funds Association (CIFA), Institute of Certified Public Accountants (ICPAC)
Communication Sponsors: Accountancy Cyprus, GOLD magazine, IN Business magazine

For more information regarding the event and registrations, please contact IMH:
Τel.: 22505555 │ Fax: 22679820 │ E-mail: events@imhbusiness.com
Website: www.imhbusiness.com



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