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Invest Cyprus 30/04-30/03/2019

Natasa Pilides Underlines Need To Maintain The Competitiveness Of European Shipping

Charles Mitchel Contacts UN SG To Discuss Bloc's Involvement With Cyprus Issue



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ACCA Grants Approval to Polina Jacovidou Michael’s Book

ACCA Grants Approval to Polina Jacovidou Michael’s Book

ACCA (The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants), a global body for professional accountants, has granted its approval to Polina Jacovidou Michael’s book “Cyprus Taxation – A Comprehensive Guide”.  The Cyprus Taxation Question Book focuses on study material and is now part of ACCA’s Registered Content Programme.  The approval and endorsement were granted after a review by ACCA’s Examining Team.

The objective of ACCA’s Recognised Content programme is to ensure the widest possible access to quality learning materials for ACCA students.  Approval is granted on the basis of a number of criteria including quality of the materials, appropriate syllabus coverage and exam style questions necessary for exam preparation.  All materials recognised under this programme are assessed by ACCA’s examining team to ensure they are of the very highest quality. 

ACCA has an agreement with the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Cyprus (ICPAC) for the ACCA – ICPAC Joint Examination Scheme, which means that local accountancy students register with both bodies and are thereby able to satisfy the exam criteria for membership of both bodies simultaneously. ACCA is the only international body to have a Joint Exam Scheme with ICPAC, therefore allowing successful candidates to become full members of both ACCA and ICPAC.

Michael’s Book is now recommended by ACCA to students and learning providers in Cyprus as an essential supportive material when preparing for the Taxation Exams, required by SELK by all candidates for professional qualification in the field.

All material related to the local Taxation System require the approval of SELK and ACCA, to ensure the very highest quality.


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Natasa Pilides Underlines Need To Maintain The Competitiveness Of European Shipping

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