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Syllouris: We Deplore the Violations of Human Rights

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Marianna Pantelidou: Wargaming’s Growth is Impressive

Marianna Pantelidou: Wargaming’s Growth is Impressive

Marianna Pantelidou, Head, Publishing General Management at and Member of the Board of Hellenic Bank, spoke to GOLD about the role of women in Managerial positions, the benefits Cyprus offers to global companies and the key to Wargaming’s success.


You were recently included in GOLD’s selection of 120+ powerful and influential women in Cyprus for your success as Head, Publishing General Management at and as a Member of the Board of Hellenic Bank. How important is it for women to be involved in the Boardroom or in key managerial positions?

The most important requirement of people involved in managerial positions has nothing to do with gender but with their ability to deliver on the requirements of these positions. I don’t believe that the ratio of males/females in key managerial positions in Cyprus is representative of the ability of the male/female pool who are able to deliver on the requirements. Unfortunately, even though we have a lot of capable women who could do great in key managerial positions, these are largely taken by men. So, yes it is very important for women to be involved in the Boardroom and key managerial positions.  Women are equally capable, but they also bring additional value to a male-dominated management unit: they bring diversity. Experience and research show that, when recognized and valued, diversity enhances productivity, effectiveness and competitiveness.


Did you face any difficulties or any kind of discrimination while breaking the ‘glass ceiling’ in your career to date?

I have not really faced any difficulties or discrimination in my career. I was blessed to have started in London and progressed in one of the most professional organisations in my field. By the time I decided to return to Cyprus, I was already an accomplished manager in a world-class international organisation and faced literally no difficulties or discrimination.


What exactly does your job at Wargaming entail?

Where should I start? It involves collaborating with colleagues all over the world, from Japan to Minsk, from Paris to Seattle, from Sydney to Singapore, from Chicago to Nicosia and I could name another handful of countries. I am heading Publishing General Management and, as such, my role is a broad one and involves being on top of how well our games are doing in terms of revenues, audience engagement, retention and monetization, how effective we are in running our offices, how well we are organised and how we can improve in all of the above. has chosen Cyprus as its base. What benefits can Cyprus offer to a global company such as Wargaming and what does it get in return?

Cyprus offers valuable benefits to global companies like Wargaming that have their management and control on the island and direct their international operations from here. They include:

Good local talent for the traditional business administration roles (legal, accounting and financial services).
Cyprus has attractive income tax rates for high income employees (usually such income is earned by employees in managerial positions) who were not residents of Cyprus before the commencement of the employment in Cyprus.
Competitive corporate tax rates.
A safe and friendly place for families with young children or children of school age.


The company’s growth, both globally but in Cyprus in particular, is impressive. What has been the key to the company’s success?

Wargaming’s growth is indeed impressive. It is worth noting that, from our Cyprus headquarters, we run an organisation which employs over 4,000 people across the globe.  Our audience reach is even more impressive with tens of millions of monthly active users playing our games. The key to our success is our international reach and our passion about what we do. The sun never sets at Wargaming and we never stop bringing happiness to our players, innovating and expanding our portfolio of legendary games in all platforms: PC, console and mobile.


*The interview was published in the August issue of GOLD magazine.


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