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Adamos Seraphides: The Local Shipping Industry Has Been Steadily Growing

Adamos Seraphides: The Local Shipping Industry Has Been Steadily Growing

On the occasion of the 8th East Med Marine and Oil&Gas Expo, which will be organised by Fameline Holding Group in Limassol on 6-7 April, Adamos Seraphides, Managing Partner of the Group, spoke to Gold News about the benefits of the event to the shipping industry, the challenges facing the maritime sector and his expectations of this year’s performance.


What services does Fameline Holding Group (FHG) offer and which companies does it consist of?

FHG is a unique conglomerate of 28 companies forming a dynamic force in the shipping maritime services sector. It has is roots in the first company established in Cyprus in 1987 and has been growing ever since. Today, FHG maintains its headquarters in Limassol and has branch and sales offices in Dubai, Paris, Hamburg, Rotterdam, Singapore and Kenya. From this wide network of offices, FHG companies offer the largest range of technical services, equipment and support to the maritime and offshore industries. Notably, FHG companies act as commercial agents of more than 200 companies originating from more than 50 countries. These companies cover most technical procurement needs for ship management companies which are based in Cyprus and in any other shipping hubs. FHG employees 170 people specialized in offering the highest value to its clients and access to markets for its principals.


Who make up the Group’s main client base?

FHG predominantly works with international ship management companies and ship owners that operate and or manage dry and wet bulk carriers, Ro-Ro carriers, tanker vessels, LNG and LPG carriers and leisure cruise vessels. Furthermore, it works with international oil companies, offshore support vessel companies and integrated services providers.


How do you see the local shipping industry? What are your expectations regarding performance in 2017?

The local shipping industry has been steadily growing despite the negative downturn of global shipping. The fact that the Cyprus economy has managed to rebound relatively fast is a positive sign for the shipping cluster in Cyprus as it signals stability which makes the country again attractive to shipping companies for relocating partly or fully their activities. 2017, remains however a challenging year. The industry is reshaping and analysts are predicting further consolidation. We wouldn’t be surprised to see more mergers and acquisitions during this year.  As FHG, we aim to remain steadily supporters of our clients and partners in these rough times for the industry and we strive to achieve even better results and to increase value given to the operating expenses of ships.


What are the main challenges currently facing the maritime sector in Cyprus and how do you believe this can be improved?

In the past two years we have seen many companies especially from Greece relocating their operations in Cyprus. This of course was rather coincidental and less strategic. As a registry and ship management hub, many efforts are being made to attract more companies in Cyprus and I believe we can offer a lot given our geographical location, EU membership and overall country stability. A major obstacle to these efforts is the unsolved political problem of Cyprus that unfortunately limits the capability of the Cyprus flag to trade with Turkey. In addition, I support the efforts made and I’d like to congratulate the Cyprus authorities for concluding the privatization of Limassol port. It has been an important step forward in developing more infrastructure and services to shipping companies trading with Cyprus. I also believe that the exploration activity in Cyprus EEZ although it remains a challenge in terms of the required local support, there are many opportunities that require of course a longer term planning.


Fameline Group is organising the East Med Marine and Oil&Gas Expo in April. What will this entail and how can one attend?

The East Med Marine & Oil and Gas Expo is an event which has been first organized in 2003. It is my conviction that that the 8th East Med Expo will be again a prominent international event. Proudly carrying the tradition of MIE Group, the founder of East Med Exhibition, FHG, for yet another year will host during this two-day event more than 70 manufacturers, distributors and suppliers displaying a complete array of products and services for the marine and offshore industries. East Med Exhibition is a platform which truly brings together specialized companies from across the globe, representing all the key sectors within the maritime and oil and gas industry. 

We are receiving valuable support from the Ministry of Transportation, Communication and Works of the Republic of Cyprus, the Cyprus Shipping Chamber, the Cyprus Oil and Gas Association.  Given the opportunity I would like to thank them for encouraging this event and most importantly for adding important credibility to the efforts of Cyprus based and registered companies’ activities in these sectors.


In what ways will the Expo benefit the shipping industry and the maritime executives who will attend the event?

Participants of the Expo will benefit from this unique gathering of technical management executives and suppliers to discuss new technological trends that are able to improve the efficiency of the vessel. During the conferences many interesting topics will be presented and discussed such at the future of LNG bunkering, the bunkering developments in the East Med and Suez Canal, the lessons learned and the developments in impact of new regulation such as ballast water treatment systems and low sulphur on the shipping industry. The expo is a networking platform that has been received every year increased attention and attendance. We are proud to be able to offer this in our home country and to attract the interest of the international shipping cluster.


For more information about the Expo click here


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