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Top 80+ Law Firms in Cyprus

Top 80+ Law Firms in Cyprus

“If there were no bad people, there would be no good lawyers.”
Charles Dickens, The Old Curiosity Shop

By John Vickers


The legal profession has always been a popular one with Cypriots and while other traditional choices (the civil service, semi-government organisations and banks) have recently lost most of their sheen, the idea of becoming a lawyer continues to attract ambitious and educated young people. Hopefully, their choice of career is not solely based on Charles Dickens’ famous quotation (above).


Many of Cyprus’ leading politicians, four of its seven presidents (including Nicos Anastasiades) and many past and present party leaders have studied law and/or worked in the profession. The Cyprus Bar Association, which has been the professional body for lawyers on the island since 1960, currently has more than 2,900 members, which suggests that Cyprus is one of the five countries in the world with the largest number of lawyers per capita (with Israel, the US, Brazil and Spain.


Three years ago (September 2011) for the 6th issue of Gold, we compiled a list of the Top 50 Law Firms in Cyprus. It proved to be an extremely popular subject, not least with the firms that were included. Since then, the professional services sector has been affected first by the global financial crisis and, more recently, by problems specific to Cyprus. Lawyers have always played a key role in this hugely important sector of the economy and, even in today’s more difficult environment, the best ones survive and new ones continue to join their ranks. Whether attracted by the profession’s perceived prestige and impressive lifestyle or by the more idealistic possibility of having a chance to change things for the better on a local or individual scale, there is no shortage of would-be legal experts on the island.


In compiling the following updated list of the leading law firms on the island, Gold consulted various international sources, including the Legal 500 and the Chambers guides as well as IMH’s own extensive data, and the resulting list of 86 is, we believe, a fairly accurate selection of those firms that have earned themselves a deserved reputation for excellence. They range from truly huge international operations such as Andreas Neocleous & Co LLC, which employs 133 lawyers, to those operating with 100 fewer professionals than the country’s biggest law firm. 


No firm has paid to be included in the list, nor has payment of any kind been sought. Firms are listed in strictly alphabetical order according to their official names.


Note: The information in this listing was correct at the time of publication in Gold magazine, September 2014