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Top 10 Stock Markets of 2013

Top 10 Stock Markets of 2013

A list of the world’s 10 best performing stock markets of 2013 – courtesy of independent investment research firm, Morningstar – has been released, and a few surprise entries have caused eyebrows to be raised.


For example, should an audacious investor have funnelled his or her money into shares in the Caracas Stock Exchange, a quintupled return would have been appreciated in 2013.


Morningstar reports that the Venezuela stock market, which lists just 15 Venezuelan shares, has returned an impressive 452% in 2013, defying former president Hugo Chavez’s anti-capitalist policies.


Still, investors are cautioned as to being lured by these impressive – though potentially meretricious – figures, with the main reason for the Venezuelan stock market’s strong performance being credited to fear that the country is on the verge of a currency crisis, with domestic investors seeking to protect their bolivars from devaluation and inflation by buying the few stocks available on the local exchange, thus pushing up the prices. 


Additional surprises that have appeared on the list include debt-ridden economies, such as Greece and Iceland, with rises of 35% and 38% respectively. Suffering greatly during the financial crash, Ireland nevertheless also features on the list, with its stock market returning 35%.


Elsewhere, two frontier markets – Zambia and Nigeria – hyped as being the next generation of emerging economies with rapidly growing young populations, have also earned their places on the list, returning 37.2% and 34.9% respectively.


The full list is featured below, detailing position, country, stock market, and rise in share prices for 2013.