SUNDAY, 18 AUG 2019



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The Biggest Companies in Cyprus

The Biggest Companies in Cyprus

Though a magnanimous undertaking, IN Business has, for the second consecutive year, released its collector’s edition, IN Business 700+, featuring – as the name suggests – over 700 of the biggest companies currently operating in Cyprus.


Last year’s edition constituted a pioneering step in the ongoing editorial efforts in Cyprus, intended on showcasing Cyprus as a prime business hub.


With an unfailing commitment to accuracy and high quality, the IN Business team aspired to maintain the criteria set forth in selecting companies to be included in the list – namely, yearly turnover, and number of employees engaged – and to secure the validity of details gathered by using last year’s list as a base, and thereafter seeking clarification of information where necessary, and bolstering the list accordingly.


The list has been demarcated into professional categories, thereafter split into sub-categories. In cases where a group is involved in numerous industries, it was deemed prudent to include them within the category that is reflective of the biggest slice of their business pie. Where, for example, a subsidiary also generates substantial business activity, it has been listed autonomously.


Following months of work, communication with hundreds of people, and the utilisation of a variety of sources, the IN Business 700+ list finally took shape, and has been presented in alphabetical order.


The list was compiled by the IN Business team, comprised of Stella Mourettou, Maria Pilidou, Antonis Antoniou, Andreas Kostouris, and Christophoros Zavros.


To view the list in its entirety, please click on the IN Business 700+ link below.


Notes on the text:

In cases where turnover figures have been omitted, the companies have chosen not to disclose this information.

Whilst every effort has been made to ensure there were no omissions, the IN Business team nevertheless apologises preemptively should there be an oversight.