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Foreign Business Leaders in Cyprus

Foreign Business Leaders in Cyprus

By John Vickers


We all know that Cyprus has worked hard over the years to gain a reputation as an international business centre, attracting foreign companies to set up branches and even headquarters here so as to take advantage of the island’s favourable tax regime. But there has always been much more than tax planning to this arrangement. Companies are, after all, made up of individuals and while those that decide to invest in offices and equipment invariably take advantage of the country’s talent pool and employ local professionals, many of them have a non-Cypriot CEO or Managing Director in place. 

In the following list we detail 43 such senior executives, who represent no fewer than 23 different nationalities, including those one might expect (British, Russian, German) as well as others that may surprise (Latvian, Indian, Palestinian). In fact, in addition to these, our list includes Dutch, Norwegian, Israeli, Slovakian, Finnish, American, Belarusian, Jordanian, Lebanese, Belgian, Greek, French, Czech, Irish, Canadian, Italian and South African citizens.

There are doubtless others whom we were unable to discover and, of course, there are many more foreign CEOs working and living in Cyprus, some of whom simply didn’t want to be included in our list for reasons of their own. We are happy to feature the 40+ who responded positively to our request for information, and especially those who explained in some detail why they enjoy the professional and personal lifestyle that Cyprus offers them.


Note: The CEOs are presented in no particular order. All information presented was correct at the time of first publication in Gold Magazine, Issue 53, August-September 2015. Click on each entry for additional information