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120+ Leading Companies in Limassol

120+ Leading Companies in Limassol

Limassol, the second-largest city in Cyprus, has often been described as 'the dynamo of the Cyprus economy' and not only by the local Chamber of Commerce and Industry whose job it is to promote their home base. 


It is generally accepted that the country’s wine and spirits industry began in Limassol, where the first industrial estate was later established; in the 1970s it became home to what is now the island’s extremely significant shipping sector, the focus of the post-1974 tourism boom and, later, the centre of the international business sector and related professional services. 


Limassol is now home to one of the biggest-ever investment projects in the country’s history – the Limassol Marina – and there has been a concerted effort to regenerate the historic centre of the city and the seafront promenade. 


But, for all the changes that Limassol has gone through over the past 40 years, the city remains a thriving home to countless companies, active in every sector of the economy. 


In the following list we present a list of more than 120 successful Limassol-based companies, in alphabetical order.


They may vary in size, turnover, employee numbers and ownership but they are all making a significant contribution to the economy not only of their home base but of the whole country. Limassol may be the second-largest city in Cyprus, but when it comes to entrepreneurship, it is clearly second to none.