TUESDAY, 17 SEP 2019



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Prodromos Prodromou: Turkey is Intervening to Prevent Understanding between the Leaders

Government Prepares Bill to Address Problems Faced by Entrepreneurs



Outstanding Real-Life Fuel Consumption of Lexus Es Hybrid Confirmed in Adac Ecotest

Outstanding Real-Life Fuel Consumption of Lexus Es Hybrid Confirmed in Adac Ecotest

Since 2003, the ADAC Ecotest helps consumers to holistically evaluate the environmental performance of cars in Germany. Each car is awarded a number of stars based on the following criteria: emissions of legally limited pollutants (carbon monoxide CO, hydrocarbons HC, nitrogen oxides NOx and particles) and carbon dioxide CO2 . All types of powertrains and fuels are evaluated in exactly the same way.

The Lexus ES 300h luxury sedan leads the ranking in the ‘upper middle class’ segment, being the only model reaching 4 stars out of a possible 5 in this 2019 ADAC Ecotest.

Looking more specifically at CO2 emissions, which are in direct proportion to fuel consumption, ES achieved outstanding results. Fuel consumption was assessed as low as 5.5 litres per 100km in the overall test which combines test-bench and road measurements. It even decreased further to 4.3l/100km in urban driving conditions, where the benefits of Lexus’ self-charging hybrid powertrain can be fully leveraged.

The new Lexus ES 300h has been launched in Europe at the start of 2019. Its self-charging hybrid powertrain features an ultra-efficient 2.5l petrol engine combined with an electric motor which together deliver a total output of 160kW or 218 DN hp.

Lexus self-charging hybrids can be driven in zero-emissions mode for up to 50% of the total driving time in urban driving conditions – whatever the duration of the trip, and without ever any need to plug and recharge the vehicle.

For more details about the new Lexus ES, please visit the following page: https://newsroom.lexus.eu/european-dynamic-press-launch-press-kit-lexus-es-january-2019/

ADAC is Germany’s leading automobile club. Founded in 1903, it is presently the largest association of its kind in Europe, with more than 20 million members. Full results of the 2019 Ecotest can be found here



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Prodromos Prodromou: Turkey is Intervening to Prevent Understanding between the Leaders

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