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GAP Vassilopoulos

Katerina Sakellaropoulou: Greece And Cyprus Have Single, Firm Diplomatic Front

Christodoulides: Turkey Chooses Further Escalation In The Case Of Cyprus



FANEROMENI19 Festival: Theatre-Music-Dance / “patrides(h)”

FANEROMENI19 Festival: Theatre-Music-Dance / “patrides(h)”

The performance πατρίdes(h)*, performed by the Lubago ensemble, will showcase at the Faneromeni Festival which features a variety of unique cultural events every Thursday evening at 9pm at the patio of the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation.

The performance, taking place on Thursday 25 July, is a melange of three different art forms: music, dance and theatre. The performance was inspired by ‘The Green Children’, a story by Kevin Crossley-Holland and Alan Marks, based on a 12th century English folktale about the unexpected appearance of two children with green skin at the village of Woolpit. In the story, the green-coloured children most of all feel the need to be accepted despite being different to everyone else.

The Lubago ensemble researched the topic, interviewing children from various countries - asylum seekers or economic migrants - who now live in Cyprus, seeking to understand their emotional state. The material from the interviews was then combined with the folktale to produce the πατρίdes(h performance.

*desh means ‘homeland’ in Bengali, the national language of Bangladesh and the second most widespread language spoken in India.

The Lubago ensemble

The group comprises five Cypriot artists, four actors and a kinesiologist. The ensemble primarily focuses on experimenting with art, with a view to creating performances themed on acceptance of and respect for diversity. Through collaboration with various artists, including the creative audio and video technician Emmanuel Flores Elias, the choreographer Lia Haraki and the visual artist Matthias Oostrik, they composed and presented works on contemporary dance, theater and other interactive audiovisual applications.

Kinesiology and choreography feature heavily in the performance. On the one hand, these enhance the dramaturgical element and drive forward the narration, making it easier for adults or children who don’t speak Greek to grasp the general gist. On the other hand, it replaces the local language with the universal language, that is to say, the language of the body from which all core emotions emanate.

The music likewise creates a particular atmosphere, eliciting concepts as well as mental and emotional reactions. The performers’ task is to coordinate perfectly their physical abilities without separating the spoken word from the movement, with the voice acting as a melody or a song.


Performance contributors

Performers: Mikaella Theodoulidou, Julie Gregoriou, Eva Kalomiri, Vasilis Charalambous, Giorgos Kyriacou, Yiannis Economides

Directed by: the Lubago ensemble

Kinesiology: Eva Kalomiri

Music editing: Ermis Michael

Stage design - Video Art: Popi Iacovou

Costume design: Stela Makridou

Lighting design: Vasilis Petinaris

Date:               Thursday, 25 July 2019

Time:              21:00

Χώρος:           Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation, 86-90 Faneromenis Street, Nicosia 1011

Information:   22 128157

Entrance is free

On the evenings of the “FANEROMENI19” events, the museums of the Foundation and the exhibition “1940 | Faces and Images. Cyprus – Greece” of the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation will remain open until midnight


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