SUNDAY, 20 SEP 2020



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Merkel And Conte Express Full Support To Cyprus

Themis Papadopoulos Re-elected At The ICS Board Of Directors



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How to Gain Exposure in Today’s Market

How to Gain Exposure in Today’s Market

Portfolio Construction in a Post-COVID-19 World


AstroBank presents the Cyprus Investors Show on Thursday, 17 September 2020 at 14:00. This online event will examine the different investment options available to both private and institutional investors, and analyse the current financial landscape. Experienced investment consultants from Cyprus and abroad will discuss the various choices that investors have regarding where to put their money and advise on the best strategies to follow in order to diversify their investment portfolio.


One of this year’s speakers is Ramzi Assi, Head of Research and Family Office Services in Crescendo Capital in Lebanon. With interest rates at rock bottom and both equities and credit markets at expensive levels, what options do investors have to gain exposure in the market? What are the main changing dynamics that COVID-19 has created and where are the pockets of value? What is the dynamic for gold and does it make sense to have metals in a balanced portfolio? Is this a new bubble and when will it end? Are there any alternatives worth investing in? Through his presentation Ramzi will attempt to tackle all these questions and offer insights to investors on portfolio construction with the lessons learnt from 2020.


The Conference will be conducted in Greek and English. For more information regarding the event, click here.

The conference is addressed to:
Affluent and High Net Worth Individuals
Family Offices
Wealth and Asset Managers
Investment Advisors/Consultants
CEOs and other senior business executives
Partners and executives of accounting/audit/tax and law firms
Executives of banks and other financial institutions


This is a complimentary event with no participation fee. However, online pre-registration is required to ensure access to the event. To register, click here.



Organiser: IMH

Main Sponsor: AstroBank

With the Support of: Invest Cyprus

Coffee Sponsor: Gloria Jean’s Coffees

Communication Sponsors: GOLD, IN Business, REPORTER

For more information regarding the event and registrations, contact ΙΜΗ:

Tel.: 22505555 | Fax: 22679820 | e-mail:



How to Gain Exposure in Today’s Market

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