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Kasoulides: Cyprus Will Claim the Seat of a New EU Agency in the Near Future

Duncan: UK Remains Very Flexible As a Facilitator with UN Regarding Cyprus Issue



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Epsilaw: Digital Legal Know-How Tool on Cyprus Law

Epsilaw: Digital Legal Know-How Tool on Cyprus Law

The company Playbell & Co. Services Ltd has announced the launch of its website, a digital legal know-how tool which provides instant practical know-how on any given matter of Cyprus law.

Epsilaw is designed to facilitate lawyers, law firms, in house legal counsel, corporate administrators, accountants, audit firms, financial services providers and other working professionals who systematically deal with matter of Cyprus law to address any given legal matter in a prompt and effective manner.

It works by codifying the skills and experiences of expert practitioners in a practical and accessible manner making it available for its users at any time. At current, features include practice memos with information on, inter alia, legal requirements, practical requirements, filings, timeframe, practitioner tips and pitfalls, indicative fees, step plans and templates of relevant documents.

“The site is in its very early stages and, at present, predominantly covers matters of corporate law, however, new content is added on a daily basis and we will continuously introduce expert authors, practice areas, topics, features and improvements until we succeed in the objective of becoming a fully comprehensive legal know-how tool invaluable to its users,” an official press release reads.

To access epsilaw, visit and register for free.


MTN Provides New Help Line and Hotline for Web Safety

A new help line and hotline for matters concerning web safety has been set up in Cyprus ...

PMI: Leading Not-for-Profit Membership Association for Project Management

Project Management Institute (PMI) is the leading not-for-profit professional membership ...

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The Ambassador of the Kingdom of Netherlands Nathalie Jaarsma, visited the University of ...



Duncan: UK Remains Very Flexible As a Facilitator with UN Regarding Cyprus Issue

The Conservative MP for Chipping Barnet in north London Theresa Villiers has used the occasion of a House of Commons session with questions on foreign policy ...

Tourist Arrivals Increase 14.8% in September

Tourist arrivals hit new record high in September with an increase of 14.8% compared to the same month of 2016.   On the basis of the results of the ...

Kasoulides: Cyprus Will Claim the Seat of a New EU Agency in the Near Future

Cyprus will claim in the future the seat of a new community agency, or a regional office of an existing organization, stated Foreign Minister Mr. Ioannis ...

The EU Ready to Take Part in a New Effort for Cyprus Solution

The European Union will be the first to take part in a new effort for a Cyprus solution, a European official has said, noting that the Union`s role during ...

Cyprus Company Sells Shares to Goldman Sachs for a Reported $200 Million

Mintha Holding Ltd, a Cyprus-based company, whose beneficiary is the Russian businessman and philanthropist Viktor Rashnikov, sold a 3% stake in its ...

Hellenic Bank Group Presents the Brand New Cyprus Fintech Expo

Hellenic Bank Group is presenting the brand new Cyprus FinTech Expo on Wednesday, 8 November 2017 at the Hilton Park Hotel. Nicosia will take center stage ...

UK Treasury: “We Are Leaving the EU and There Will Not Be a Second Referendum”

The Treasury has flatly rejected calls for a second EU referendum after the west’s leading economic thinktank, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation ...

ECB for NPLs: Cypriot Banks Need to Apply “Additional and Persistent” Efforts

Cypriot banks need to apply “additional and persistent” efforts to wrestle down a stockpile of nonperforming loans (NPLs), the European Central ...