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Invest Cyprus 30/04-30/03/2019

Kadis to Take Part in COP24 Conference in Poland

Prodromou: Nicosia Ready to Substantially Discuss the Terms of Reference



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Merkel: There Is a Big Problem in Cyprus and Turkey Plays Very Important Role

Merkel: There Is a Big Problem in Cyprus and Turkey Plays Very Important Role

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said that there is a big problem in Cyprus and that despite efforts it has not been possible to reach a solution and Turkey plays an important role.

Cyprus News Agency asked for her comment on the recent tensions between Turkey and Greece and Turkey and Cyprus as well as on what the new German government’s stance will be vis-à-vis Turkey.

On Cyprus, Merkel noted that “we have a very big problem as regards Cyprus.” We have been working for years in order to reach a solution, she pointed out, adding however that until today this has not been possible and Turkey plays a very important role.

On Germany’s policy vis-à-vis Turkey and the crisis on the matter of the two Greek army officers who are held in Turkey, the German Chancellor stressed once more that dialogue is the only way forward and recalled how important good relations with Turkey referring also to the refugee crisis from Syria.

Turkey, Merkel said, “is a neighbour and friendly country which has in recent times had a problem with human rights, something we have stressed to Turkish officers, while accession negotiations have frozen.”

She also highlighted the particular importance of the meeting between EU institutions and Turkey on March 26, in Varna.

We have opposite views to Turkey in many matters, she noted, adding however that despite intense disagreements dialogue should always continue.



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