FRIDAY, 23 AUG 2019



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Expenditure for Environmental Protection Activities in Industry In 2017 Shows Increase

Expenditure for Environmental Protection Activities in Industry In 2017 Shows Increase

Expenditure for environmental protection activities in industry in 2017 recorded an increase compared to 2016, the Cyprus News Agency reports.

On the basis of the results of a survey carried out by the Statistical Service of Cyprus, the total expenditure for environmental protection activities in industry in 2017 is estimated at €29,8 million, compared to €24,2 million in 2016 and corresponds to 0,15% of the Gross Domestic Product. 

By sector of economic activity, the manufacturing industries reported expenditures of €24,7 million, the mining and quarrying industries and electricity supply €4,9 million and the water treatment and supply enterprises €0,2 million. In the manufacturing sector, where the largest amount of expenditure was reported, manufacturing of food products accounted for €8,9 million, manufacturing of other nonmetallic mineral products for €8,4 million, manufacturing of beverages for €1,7 million, manufacturing of pharmaceutical products and preparations for €1,2 million and manufacturing of basic metals for €1,1 million.

By environmental domain, expenditure related to the reduction of air emissions accounted for €10,9 million, the monitoring, treatment and disposal of waste for €9,9 million, the treatment of waste water for €7,1 million and other actions such as the abatement of noise and vibrations, the protection of soil and ground water and the protection of natural resources and biodiversity for €1,9 million.


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Prodromou: OCCRP Report Acknowledges that Cyprus President did not Break the Law

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