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Yoram Kedem: Nicosia Mall is Set to Change the Landscape of Shopping and Leisure

Yoram Kedem: Nicosia Mall is Set to Change the Landscape of Shopping and Leisure

The landmark Nicosia Mall, located on the outskirts of the capital near the Anthoupolis roundabout, prepares to open its doors later this year, offering retail mix combined with world-class dining, entertainment and leisure attractions. The General Manager of Nicosia Mall, Yoram Kedem, spoke about the big reveal of a centre that is set to usher in an exciting new era of shopping, dining, entertainment and culture to the capital. 


Let’s start with size: How big is the mall in terms of floorspace and how many retailers can it accommodate? 

The fact is that an immense amount of thought and expertise has gone into Nicosia Mall on all fronts. Our overriding mission is to deliver an absolutely outstanding, 360° retail and leisure experience for the entire family. And to create that experience you need a properly-designed retail space.  So, in terms of square metres, Nicosia Mall has an impressive 82,000 m² of floor space that houses 150 desirable retail units. In fact, Nicosia Mall is almost double the size of any other mall in Cyprus.


What have you done to plan for busy periods?

Enabling people to get to and from the mall as quickly and easily as possible has always been one of our core objectives. No one likes sitting in traffic and we’ve done everything in our power to ensure ease of access. Being located just off the A9 on the outskirts of Nicosia, means that visitors from all over Cyprus will not be caught in the capital’s rush hour traffic, and there are a number of major inland roads to whisk them to and from the mall. When it comes to parking, we’ve been generous, and have parking for 1,700 vehicles, so whether you want to pop into the mall for 15 minutes or the entire day, you won’t have to waste any time sitting in traffic or searching for parking.


Do you have any surprises for us?

Yes, we do, and we’ll be revealing all soon enough! What I can tell you is that Nicosia Mall will have leading brands spanning fashion, footwear and sportswear to toys, beauty and accessories … and everything in between! Nicosia Mall is the epitome of what it means to be fashionable and dedicated followers of fashion will be able to ‘shop ‘til they drop’.


And what about leisure facilities at the mall, I’ve heard that you are doing things a little differently?

Indeed we are. Nicosia Mall is all about providing experiences for each and every member of the family to enjoy. So, whether you are young or old, single or married, with or without kids, we have plenty of tempting choices to occupy you in terms of dining, entertainment and cultural events. We even have an open-air plaza and elevated park to bring the beauty of the outside into the mall.


You mentioned earlier that Nicosia Mall will deliver a 360° retail and leisure experience, can you tell us more about this?

Of course, when visitors step through the doors of Nicosia Mall, they will discover a centre designed to answer ALL their shopping, leisure and entertainment needs, whatever those may be. From leading fashion brands, a convenient hypermarket and excellent entertainment to relaxing restaurants, hip cafés and quick bites, Nicosia Mall has it all and more.    


You are obviously incredibly passionate about Nicosia Mall. What is it that drew you to this project?

Well, it’s a huge privilege to have this amazing opportunity to create a proper mall from the ground up! For me, the fact that we are able to create the consummate shopping, dining and entertainment experience, while still respecting our surroundings is incredible. We have built a mall that cleverly blends best practices in green technology, innovation and sustainability and its architecture embraces the countryside around it. We are more than a mall, we are a destination where you can shop, dine, watch a movie and then take a stroll or attend a cultural event on the open-air plaza and elevated park, which offer unrestricted views of Nicosia and beyond.


Is there a story behind the logo of Nicosia Mall? What does it represent?

All great logos tap into some sort of inspiration and Nicosia Mall’s logo is no exception. In our case, the imposing Venetian Walls that surround Old Nicosia served as the muse for Nicosia Mall. Just as the Venetian walls have done for centuries, the modern-day walls of Nicosia Mall are home to a thriving centre of shopping, dining and leisure.


Nicosia Mall is opening later this year and promises to deliver an exemplary retail mix, along with delectable dining choices and a superb choice of entertainment. Can you define what Nicosia Mall will do for people in the capital and across the island?

“Nicosia Mall is set to change the landscape of shopping and leisure in the capital and in Cyprus as a whole.  We believe that each and every one of us should have the opportunity to express his or her own unique style and it’s our mission and pleasure to make that happen.”


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