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Constantinos Ioannou: People Must Observe Health Protocols

Nicos Anastasiades: Peace Process Not Under Conditions Of Intimidation And Threats



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PwC Cyprus - Career Presentations & 'Gala Dinner' in London

PwC Cyprus - Career Presentations & 'Gala Dinner' in London

Between 11 and 22 November 2019, PwC Cyprus held a series of presentations on career opportunities for students attending university in the United Kingdom as well as students of the University of Cyprus.

Specifically, Marios Melanidis, Operations Manager of the Human Resources Department, accompanied by young professionals working in the auditing, consulting and tax & legal services of the organisation, had the opportunity to meet talented students from various study fields, from the Universities of Cyprus, LSE, Bath, Reading, Cambridge, Bristol, Nottingham, Warwick, Manchester, Leeds, Leicester, and Lancaster. The purpose of the presentations was to inform Cypriot students about career opportunities at PwC Cyprus, as well as the organisation’s fully funded vocational training programs. In addition, students were informed about the "Daily Flexibility" program, the technologies used at PwC, the "Digital Skills Upgrading" program, the "Be Well, Work Well" initiative, the "Summer Internship Programs", and more.

On the evening of 11 November, PwC Cyprus hosted its annual 'Gala Dinner' in London, for 70 Cypriot professionals working in professional organizations in the British capital, such as audit firms, investment banks, and law firms. The CEO of PwC Cyprus, Mr. Evgenios Evgeniou, attended the dinner and gave an interesting presentation entitled "Leading the Future".

Among other things, Mr Evgeniou spoke about the new initiative of PwC's global network, "New World – New Skills", which aims to enhance the skills of more than 276,000 PwC staff around the world and develop new technologies to better support the organisation’s clients and communities. At a local level, PwC Cyprus has committed to invest €2m over the next four years in actions and initiatives that aim to spread digital knowledge and strengthen the skills that are required in the digital era.

Commenting on the organisation’s recruitment initiatives, Anna Loizou, Head of People at PwC, said “our organisation believes in young people and their unlimited potential and therefore invests in the future by recruiting and training new university graduates on an ongoing basis”.

In the financial year that ended on 30 June 2019, PwC recruited more than 190 young professionals, 178 of which are university graduates.

It should be noted that PwC is one of the few organisations worldwide to hold the highly prestigious Investors in People Platinum Accreditation in Human Capital management. 


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