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Christodoulides: Turkey Chooses Further Escalation In The Case Of Cyprus

Merkel And Conte Express Full Support To Cyprus



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Professional Advisors Recommend Cyprus for International and Regional Headquartering

Professional Advisors Recommend Cyprus for International and Regional Headquartering

The 3rd Cyprus International Investors Summit which took place on Friday 14th September in Limassol presented investment opportunities of the International & Regional Headquartering in Cyprus and it was organised by Invest Cyprus.

This event was a perfect platform for institutional investors, investment firms, real estate agents, citizenship specialists, lawyers, family offices and property/leisure fund providers to network with local companies involved in the sales and promotion of the International & Regional Headquartering in Cyprus, and why our island is an attractive location to establish this.

The summit was attended by delegates from the UK, USA, India, China (Hong Kong), Russia, Ukraine, other central and eastern European countries, GCC countries, Egypt, Israel and south Africa, and analysed topics such as the main sectors of the Cyprus economy, corporate international and regional headquartering in Cyprus, working and living in Cyprus, new tax provisions for non-domiciled individuals, the Cypriot investment scheme, financial reporting and auditing in Cyprus, the Cyprus legal system and case studies of international companies headquartered in Cyprus.

After the summit, the delegates were asked if they enjoyed the content and the presentations of the conference, if based on what they were presented they would recommend Cyprus to their clients for regional headquartering, and their opinion on what could improve in order to make Cyprus a more attractive investors destination. GOLD shares below some of the many feedback answers received.

Roman Kostenko, Partner at Asters Law Ukraine:

“I liked the content and the presentations very much. The information I have received is very worth further consideration and is something I will discuss with my clients and partners.”

“I actually do recommend Cyprus to my clients as a matter of practice.”

“The topics on which the conference focused were covered well. I would suggest increasing emphasis on banking / financial compliance issues and policy developments in these, as these issues are most important in practically every context these days.”

David Irving, Partner at MUNDAYS Law, UK:

“Cyprus has got some way to go in order to rebuild its reputation and I certainly support its efforts to bring companies/businesses of substance to Cyprus.  The examples that were given all related to the shipping industry the new natural resources project.  Cyprus is a good destination for the right company whose business is global and not, for example, just limited to the UK.”

Anela Karahasan, Project Manager at Polimac, Bosnia and Herzegovina:

“Yes, we liked the content and presentations a lot, they were very clear, useful, and interesting, and for sure we will recommend Cyprus, as we’ve already started to work with our partners to approach some opportunities which we found during the conference”

Chi Lee, CIO at Fountain Arc, London:

“Yes I liked the content and presentations; they were broadly informative and gave insight as to the strategic direction for Cyprus for businesses”

“Yes, potentially, I would recommend Cyprus to clients for regional headquartering. It has many good characteristics.”

Maxim Simonov, Head of Tax at Duvernoix Legal, Russia:
“I would recommend Cyprus to clients with no doubt. From my view Cyprus seems very attractive destination for businessmen and their families from abroad, for their corporate structures (holdings / investment vehicles). Due to climate, professional infrastructure, flexible and transparent legislation, predictable and incentive taxation for foreign HNWIs and investors (non-domiciled) in Cyprus. I will share my positive experience and new knowledge from the Summit with my partners and HNWIs worldwide.”

“What could improve in order to make Cyprus a more attractive investors destination is a decrease of the prices for Real Estate purchase / investments in Cyprus would attract new investors from foreign countries, i.e. for Cypriot citizenship by investment.”

Gyan Pipara, Partner at G. C. Pipara & Co LLP (Chartered Accountants)

“There is no doubt that after attending the Summit, the issue which were in my mind relating to the Financial Crisis in Cyprus has been resolved and therefore, I am going to recommend Cyprus as a destination for the purpose of investment to our clients.”

“Cyprus is a good Country and has various natural beauties and therefore, the same can also be promoted as a Tourist destination. India has a population of 1.25 billion, the majority of them are eager to travel and explore the new destinations of Tourist attraction.  Cyprus is also not far away from India and therefore, this option can also be examined.”



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