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Invest Cyprus 30/04-30/03/2019

Lillie: Rights of Britons in Cyprus and Cypriots in Britain Protected Under Withdrawal Agreement

Anastasiades: Health Sector to Change Completely by 2020



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Panel Discussion at the 3rd Cyprus International Investors Summit: International Companies with a Presence in Cyprus

Panel Discussion at the 3rd Cyprus International Investors Summit: International Companies with a Presence in Cyprus

The third and last panel of the 3rd Cyprus International Investors Summit, focused on the feedback of international companies with a presence on the island, their experience from a business prospective as well as the relocation process of their families.

Polys V. Hajioannou, the CEO of Safe Bulkers, said “Cyprus is a fine place to relocate and live” as him and his family have been living in Cyprus for quite a long time now. Hadjioannou noted that the shipping industry is currently thriving in Cyprus, and although his children needed some time to adjust to the relocation from Greece, they now see Cyprus as their home. He also mentioned that expanding Safe Bulkers to Cyprus was one of the best decisions for the company, and the transition was very smooth.

Hadjioannou also told the potential investors in the audience, that they should definitely have Cyprus as an option if they wish to expand their businesses and relocate in a new country, adding that the people are extremely friendly, Limassol is growing and evolving thanks to new real estate project that are taking place, and the very nice weather is an additional reason to move here.

Yiannis Tinis, Head of Amdocs Cyprus presented additional reasons to why investors should highly consider moving to Cyprus, as there are many industries that are currently growing and evolving. Tinis mentioned the excellent education infrastructure in Private English & Russian speaking schools in Limassol, and underlined the very welcoming social environment for expats, by saying “everyone is welcome to come to Cyprus no matter the nationality”. Additionally, Tinis mentioned the reasonable cost of living on the island, and the fact that English is widely spoken all over Cyprus, making the communication very easy.

Kyriacos Charalambides, the Chief Investment Officer at Hanseatic Capital Management, also presented the main reasons the Schulte Group picked Cyprus for its headquarters. “Cyprus is a leading ship-owning and shipmanagement centre globally, offering the full spectrum of high-quality maritime services, as well as an emerging professional services centre in Europe” Charalambides said.

With advanced maritime operational expertise, and being in the top 3 largest merchant fleets and largest third-party ship management centre in the EU as well as top 10 worldwide, Cyprus was the best choice for the company to make.

Charalambides also mentioned the strong government support (i.e. creation of an autonomous Deputy Ministry of Shipping in 2018), the robust legal, financial and professional services infrastructure, as well as the tonnage tax (TT) system that provides full exemption from all taxes on profits made from qualifying shipping activities.



The 3rd Cyprus International Investors Summit presents investment opportunities in the Property, Real Estate and Leisure sectors in Cyprus and it is organised by Invest Cyprus. This event is a perfect platform for institutional investors, investment firms, real estate agents, citizenship specialists, real estate lawyers, family offices and property/leisure fund providers to network with local companies involved in the sales and promotion of the real estate/leisure markets.



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