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Yiorgos Lakkotrypis: Development of “Aphrodite” Gas Field Continues As Planned

Cyprus President Outlines Eleven Reform Proposals



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Innovations in Construction

Innovations in Construction

One of the topics analyzed in an in-house discussion by Danos An Alliance of BNP Paribas Real Estate, was the importance of innovations in construction. The participants, all Danos experts, agreed that modern buildings needed to be flexible, given the changes in the technology.

One needs to predict what happens to the building in the future, so architecture needs to be flexible. In order to keep up with the changes and predict the budget more efficiently, we are using BIM increasingly often. There's also neuromarketing, which helps us analyze the space in advance in a virtual environment. These are all the ways for us to measure the value of a project – emphasized by Danos professionals. 

Buildings are still designed in line with obsolete methods and that data are not used in building management.

We need to create conditions for that information to be collected, organized as data and then used as guidelines in order to make a building smart – Danos said and added that, in 2020, there would be three times as many connected devices in households than in 2014.

Danos also noted that old buildings could be reconstructed to be smart. 

The importance of sound insulation was discussed by Danos associates. It was mentioned that it was necessary to have sound insulation in a space and adapt it to the users, as we spend 90% of our lives indoors.

Everything is much noisier, especially pools, wellness zones, wedding halls, hotel lobbies – Danos pointed out and added that acoustics needed to be considered at the beginning of the project.

On healthy structures, Danos, concluded that healthy residence requires a temperature of 20 to 23 degrees Celsius and air humidity of 40% to 60%. The temperature difference between the wall and the air in the room must not be higher than two or three degrees. 

In line with the concept of modern building, Danos noted that, based on the project, the winning combination entails insulation, massive structures and the said parameters of the air in the rooms. Danos, underlined, that the development of the new Healthy Living line must be well prepared.

The importance of brick materials in construction and modern architecture was also discussed by Danos members. The implementation of this material meant that there are no amortization or maintenance costs and that it was a good solution for a facade “which will always look good”.


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