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Savvas Angelides: EU in Solidarity with Cyprus for 3rd Party Participation in PESCO Programmes

Trump Renews Tariff Threat Against China and Touts U.S. Economic ‘Boom’



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GOLD Magazine: Good Law & Good Order

GOLD Magazine: Good Law & Good Order

Almost 8 years ago (in September 2011), GOLD compiled its first listing of the island’s leading law firms. It was a ‘Top 50’ presenting the firms in alphabetical order and, since then, it has regularly been updated and expanded. The August 18 issue of the magazine includes the latest one, featuring more than 80 law firms, ranked according to the number of lawyers employed. It comes as part of the cover story dealing with Cyprus’ legal profession and judicial system, which also includes an article by the Minister of Justice & Public Order, George Savvides, and the views of 13 lawyers on the challenges facing them and the country. Additionally, there is also a table of the firms providing legal advice to every public company listed on the Cyprus Stock Exchange.

Apart from the extensive coverage of law and order issues, there are several exclusive interviews as well as all the magazine’s regular features, including ten recommended summer reading titles.

GOLD magazine is available from Sunday, August 18 in both print and digital versions. Don’t miss it!



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Trump Renews Tariff Threat Against China and Touts U.S. Economic ‘Boom’

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