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Perdios Presents Main Goals of the 2030 National Strategy for Tourism

President Expresses Strong Determination To Participate In Informal Meeting In Geneva On Cyprus



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EU Must Move At Speed On Space Broadband Network

EU Must Move At Speed On Space Broadband Network

The European Commission says it wants its newly proposed satellite mega-constellation to be offering some sort of initial service in 2024. The first priority is to fill in gaps in broadband coverage where ground infrastructure cannot reach, but later it will power services such as self-driving cars.


The project will in some ways mirror America's Starlink and the UK-Indian OneWeb networks. The secure communications system would be the next flagship space project to come out of the EU after the Galileo satellite-navigation constellation and the Copernicus programme with its Earth observing Sentinel spacecraft. EU officials have only spoken in the broadest terms about what they want to see from the new telecommunications project. They talk about a mix of low, medium and geostationary satellites that use advanced quantum encryption, are interlinked with optical connectors, and which piggyback sensors that might also be used to monitor aviation and shipping - just as examples. But, they argue, fast, secure, low-latency, space-borne connectivity will be the must-have capability to enable a raft of coming technologies, such as self-driving cars. Europe needs such a capability if it wants to stay globally competitive.


The primary motivation in the first instance, however, would be to fill those last "not spots" in member states where ground infrastructure is incapable of delivering broadband services - thought to be at least five million households. Pressed on cost, EU officials told reporters on Tuesday that any estimate would have to wait on the industrial consortium's report in the spring. Nonetheless, experience says it would be in the billions of euros price bracket.


And as to where the money will come from to make it all happen, the preferred option seems to be some sort of public-private partnership. The officials said the commission had some funds across its various directorates that it could call on, but that they expected industry, individual member states and the European Space Agency to invest in the system as well. Whatever the system looks like and however it is funded, speed of implementation will be paramount. There is talk of having the entire network in place by the end of the new EU multi-annual budget period, which is 2027.


One issue of supreme importance for the implementation of the network will be securing the radio frequencies on which it will operate, as pointed out by Riadh Cammoun, vice president of public and regulatory affairs at the Franco-Italian satellite manufacturer Thales Alenia Space. "We need funding, we need a vision, we need leadership, but also we need frequency rights to sustain the launch of a European low-Earth orbit constellation," he told the conference. The commission said it had been working for some months already to try to secure those frequencies. The allocation and use of satellite frequencies is negotiated through the International Telecommunications Union (ITU).

Source: BBC


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