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15th Leadership and Human Resource Management Conference - Photo Gallery




15th Leadership and Human Resource Management Conference - Photo Gallery

15th Leadership and Human Resource Management Conference - Photo Gallery

At the 15th Leadership and Human Resource Management Conference, organised by PwC Cyprus and IMH, on Tuesday 8 November 2016, at the Hilton Park Hotel in Nicosia, delegates had the opportunity to see and hear successful business leaders discussing the leadership issues that they face every day.  

The theme of this year’s conference was “Leadership in Transformation: Changing Hearts and Minds to Remain Dynamic, Competitive and Innovative at All Times” and keynote speaker was the internationally Renowned Leadership Expert, Emmanuel Gobillot. Emmanuel Gobillot has been described as “the first leadership guru for the digital generation” and “the freshest voice in leadership today”. An author with a fresh view on leadership, he has worked with organisations such as the NHS, Unicef, Vodafone, Yahoo, Carlsberg, Philips, Google, BT, EY and Rabobank.

The panel discussion focused on major management and leadership issues and challenges faced by Business Leaders around the world as a result of business transformation. Specifically the discussion covered: 

•    The philosophy and practice of managing people in an organisation 
•    The importance of building and maintaining a customer-centric organisation 
•    Business Transformation: Do’s and Don’ts from a legal point of view 
•    Business Leaders’ expectations from their stakeholders 
•    Business Innovation: How Business Leaders can transform their organisation to be successful in a rapidly changing global business environment 
•    How high on the agenda are issues of Corporate Governance, Transparency and Accountability 
•    How they measure business success.



•    Andrey Narutskiy, Managing Director, CEO, Leon MFO Investments Ltd 
•    Avi Peeri, CEO, Diplomat Cyprus 
•    Dr. Gavin Suss, VP Corporate, Keter Plastic Group, Israel 
•    Stylianos Christoforou, Managing Partner, Stylianos Christoforou & Co LLC



•    Emmanuel Gobillot, Internationally Renowned Leadership Expert, UK



•    Philippos Soseilos, Head of Human Capital, Partner, PwC Cyprus


Organizers: IMH and PwC Cyprus

Sponsor: Cablenet

Endorsed by: Stylianos Christoforou & Co LLC

Supporter: Cyprus International Institute of Management (CIIM)

Communication Sponsors: Gold, IN Business and Reporter Online



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