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Invest Cyprus 30/04-30/03/2019

Savvas Perdios: News in September Over Flights to Cyprus and German Market

Prodromou: OCCRP Report Acknowledges that Cyprus President did not Break the Law



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Flexible Work Arrangements By Pwc Cyprus

Flexible Work Arrangements By Pwc Cyprus

PwC Cyprus has, as of 1 June, introduced the "Everyday Flexibility” framework.

It is a new flexible work scheme that provides the people of the organisation with the opportunity to gain greater control over their own time by offering flexibility as to where, how and when they will work, in order to tend to their personal needs and at the same time provide high-quality services, meeting the needs of their clients. Flexibility and well-being make up one of the four pillars of initiatives and activities, related to the organisation’s people priorities. The other three are: efficiency, rewards & recognition and behaviours.

With the Everyday Flexibility framework, PwC Cyprus continues to put its people first, aiming to continuously improve their daily lives, at both professional and personal levels. Among other things, the organisation has introduced the option of a flexible schedule within the normal daily or weekly working hours, the option of working remotely, and the possibility of taking leave of absence for a period of three to twelve months. In addition, the organisations provides to its people the option to reduce their number of working hours. It has also introduced the option of job sharing between two or more professionals, as well as the possibility of seasonal work, which combines periods of paid and unpaid work.

In a statement, PwC’s CEO Evgenios Evgeniou, said that flexible work does not mean working less, but working differently and smart, giving greater flexibility and at the same time, showing greater trust in your people. "The future of work is already here, creating new challenges and focusing on people and their needs. Flexible forms of work are expanding and gradually becoming the new normal in the global labour market. At PwC, we believe in the future and we are always a step ahead for the benefit of our organisation, our people and our society" he concluded.


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Prodromou: OCCRP Report Acknowledges that Cyprus President did not Break the Law

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