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Invest Cyprus 30/04-30/03/2019

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Any Investment Requires Sophisticated Research

Any Investment Requires Sophisticated Research

Economic experts often emphasize that savings mean losing money and that having the money revolve is a much better investment than to just save it. Serious investments require great preparations before the realization, so the process of market analysis and the investment itself sometimes takes much longer that further development steps. Numerous factors influence the flow of capital, and the most important thing in making a decision about where and how to invest is to research the market and its conditions in detail.

Panos Danos, CEO at the leading real estate consulting company DANOS, an alliance of BNP Paribas Real Estate, says that knowing the circumstances of the real estate market in detail is one of the crucial conditions for a smart investment.

With the arrival of international investors to our country in the past few years, the segment of real estate market research has gained in importance. At DANOS, we research the real estate market every day, from the offer itself, the position of the competition, as well as the price of a square meter and rent, market trends, to when and how much is being built and what the next steps are. The period in which investors didn’t recognize the importance of this process is far behind us and they are now likely to be aware that market research is integral to all the segments of real estate operations, Panos emphasizes.

As he explains, collecting all the information from the market, analyzing it and giving recommendations to investors are the first steps towards the realization of a successful project. Each instance of research and the advising of investors are done in cooperation with brokers and valuers, after which the best offer is formed.

In order to provide investors with the information as to what to invest in and whether they’ve picked the right moment to invest at all, we first need to analyze the idea of the project and the location where the facility would be raised. Not every moment is the right one and not every project is profitable, regardless of the price – Panos points out.

He says that, since 2005 there has been an overall expansion of the regional real estate market and the arrival of large world companies, which have changed the image of Cyprus and its towns in the construction segment.

The Cypriot market follows world trends and needs and balances accordingly, trying not to become oversaturated in any sense. The aim is to make a product which is easily sustainable in the market, that is, to help the investor make the planned income in the easiest way possible. The great news is that it is obvious that all market segments are developing, as we have been in an expansion phase for some time now. When it comes to the construction of business premises, the demand is great, and the lack of modern office space which meets the standards of large companies is one of the reasons why many investors are currently working on expanding their business complexes, and new business facilities are being built as well. Also, along with the residential market, which is developing intensively, good planning and analysis are becoming increasingly important, so that a project which is fully adapted to the needs of the market, that is, a certain location, in terms of structure, quality, price and available features in line with the expectations of the target group of clients, could be carried out. Judging by the research and analyses from the past few years and the data we get every day, Cyprus is a desirable investment destination, says the CEO of DANOS Group. 


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