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Perdios Presents Main Goals of the 2030 National Strategy for Tourism

President Expresses Strong Determination To Participate In Informal Meeting In Geneva On Cyprus



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Energy And The Environment In A Competitive Economy

Energy And The Environment In A Competitive Economy

The global energy transformation, climate change and the need for competitiveness were put at the heart of the India Cyprus Virtual Club Meeting, which took place on December 16, 2020. The online event was welcomed by Sunil Kapoor, director of FML Ship Management.


Production and consumption model

The need to find solutions as each country is driven to energy transformation, without its economy becoming uncompetitive or bankrupt, stressed the former minister of Energy, Trade, Industry and Tourism, George Lakkotrypis.


Noting that transport is a crucial sector for the environment and climate change, he used as case studies solar systems in homes and electric vehicles used as power depots providing energy to households. He also stressed the importance of a production and consumer model, which, although it will take time, is nevertheless inevitable. As Mr. Lakkotrypis said, in Cyprus around 20,000 households use the net metering system, while 200 companies use net billing, producing their own energy.


Sustainable transport

Konstantinos Hatzistassos, Associate professor-School of Sciences and Engineering, University of Nicosia, analysed the challenges that make transport sustainable, such as improving energy efficiency, lower pollutant emissions, maintaining / enhancing efficiency, enhancing safety and reliability, as well as lower costs and minimizing the environmental footprint (circular economy).


Referring to the Nicosia emission dispersion model, he explained that different policies should be implemented changing vehicle speed variables, fuel type, vehicle age and electric vehicle penetration.


The effects of climate change

At the same time Dr. Suman Sahai, Founder of Gene Campaign – India analyzed the effects of climate change on nutrition, noting that nutrient-rich crops are more vulnerable to droughts, temperature changes, pests and disease, while higher temperatures are expected to cause soil degradation, reducing the valuable nutrients.


At the same time, he pointed out that higher levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere would reduce the nutrient content of crops, as well as the amount of iron and zinc in rice, wheat and legumes. As for the effects of climate change on agriculture, Dr. Sahai explained that lower water availability, soil erosion, desertification, new pests and crop diseases, and more animal diseases will occur.


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